Interview with IPMA Young Crew Chairman Daniel Collado-Ruiz: At the 2013 IPMA World Congress in Croatia


By Ivy Elizabeth Bai 

Shanghai, China

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Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz

Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz is Associate Professor at the Universidad Politècnica de València, Spain, and has spent the last 8 years researching and teaching in different universities in the world, in the areas of new product development, sustainability, eco-innovation, creativity and distributed teamwork. He is also the current Chairman of the Young Crew Management Board, at the International Project Management Association (IPMA). Daniel often takes off his academic hat to chair AEIPRO Joven and organize workshops in and for the IPMA. He is passionate about fostering networking capabilities, learning more and more each day, and challenging those that say “it is impossible”. Through this network, Daniel has been involved in Coaching for Development as the project manager, has actively participated in the start-up and organization of the creACTivity workshops, and was co-lead in the organization of Young Crew Workshops during the IPMA World Congresses in recent years, including 2013 in Croatia.

Ivy Elizabeth Bai (Ivy):       Hello, Daniel. I am from Beijing Wow Project Management Consulting Company which is famous for project/programme management training, consulting and certification in China and ranks the top 10 Chinese Project Management Consulting Company by PMRC. We have been providing World Top 500 construction companies, large scale central enterprises and their subsidiaries, publicly-held companies, etc. project/programme management training, consulting and certification for ten years. There are 40-50 thousand project managers who attended our project management training.

Thank you very much for your time for this interview. The IPMA Young Crew (YC) congress had finished before the international congress began. What kind of opinion will you give to this YC congress, as the chairman?

Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz (Daniel):           I really appreciated this year’s Global Young Crew Workshop. The team considerably raised the bar; they increased the quality level compared to the previous editions. They had very good training sessions in conjunction with a very engaging and thought-provoking plan. Saturday they had during the whole day training sessions, topped with a workshop about group dynamics.  The aim of this workshop was to prepare them for the next day, on which they set sail and navigated a ship to an island together, working as a team.

Ivy:     So, that is a real sail. In Wuhan, we talked about the sail. It sounds like a simulation sail.

Daniel:           No, no it was a real sail, with real ship, in real sea, with wind and real people! One could see lot of interactions, a lot of noteworthy learning items on communication, leadership styles or personality types: I am sure it was a great experience. Every person who I have talked to had a good opinion about the overall workshop. I am sure it will leave good memories to all the participants.

Ivy:     Great! You must be very happy and proud.

Daniel:           More than proud of myself, I’m proud of the group we had. This year, Young Crew Croatia took on the challenge since very early, with a lot of energy, and very professionally. We are really lucky and proud to have Goga, the current chairwoman for YC Croatia, also as the project manager of this event. She prepared a very competent team, and executed the project without any issues (or at least without any visible issues). I am very happy with the result.

Ivy:     What is the topic of the Global Young Crew Workshop this year?

Daniel:           Most years the workshop does not have a specific topic. We aim to cover a wide range of interests, all related to project management of course. What we always have is a motto, that all trainers to asked to adhere to. This year we took the motto of the IPMA World Congress: ‘Finding balance, moving forward’. All the topics in our workshop were somehow adapted to this theme.

Ivy:     As the chairman of YC, could you please tell the young project managers and professionals, how to understand this topic?


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Shanghai, China 

Ivy Elizabeth Bai graduated from Beijing Normal University, Master’s Degree in Comparative Education.  Ivy has 18 years of working experience in education and training industry, working as management in Chinese and global top business schools such as Chinese European International Business School and Management School of Fudan University, working as director in education group.  Ivy has been involved in project management education and training for years; currently she is general manager of Beijing Wow Project Management Consulting Company, Shanghai Branch.  She is an assessor and language owner of PRINCE2 certifications.  She translated the books of P3O, PRINCE2 and all of the courseware of PRINCE2, MSP and MoR for use in China.  Ivy can be contacted at [email protected].