Interview with IPMA Vice President Stacy Goff


At the 2013 IPMA World Congress in Croatia

By Ivy Elizabeth Bai 

Shanghai, China

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Stacy Goff, IPMA Vice President

Ivy Elizabeth Bai (Ivy):       Hello, Stacy. I am from Beijing Wow Project Management Consulting Company which is famous for project/programme management training, consulting and certification in China and ranks the top 10 Chinese Project Management Consulting Company by PMRC. We have been providing World Top 500 construction companies, large scale central enterprises and their subsidiaries, publicly-held companies, etc. project/programme management training, consulting and certification for ten years. There are 40-50 thousand project managers who attended our project management training.

Thank you very much for your time for this interview. As the vice president of IPMA Marketing and Events, what do you think of the congress this year?

Stacy Goff (Stacy):             I think the congress is excellent. The venue is wonderful, the keynote speeches are outstanding, the parallel stream sessions that I had the chance to see are great. One of the interesting things is that participants are coming from all over the world. This is one opportunity for people from different nations to meet at the sessions, so the good news, this is an opportunity to discuss IPMA, and to move forward. The bad news is people have multiple favorite sessions at the same time, resulting in missing some of the outstanding presentations. We almost need to have a ten days congress to cover all the business, I think that it is an excellent congress.

Ivy:     I am not a professor in project management, I am not a project manager for complex or mega projects, but I do projects. I think the topic of this congress finding balance and moving forward is great. Because all the project managers do the projects in a controlled environment, in which project managers need to balance many aspects to have the benefits, to control the risks and to meet the satisfaction and requirements of the stakeholders. As the project management experts, could you please tell us why does the IPMA board choose this topic?

Stacy:            There are multiple layers of answers to this excellent question. On the finding balance side, there is a lot about project management that is oriented to the technical parts; managing time, cost… that’s important. Yet if you look at success aspects of many projects, well, those technical threads are merely starting points. Projects mostly need people to work together, to relate to our stakeholders’ needs, to accomplish the impossible by teaming up, and working together.

And so part of the challenge is balancing the technical attributes of project success with the behaviors, the interpersonal aspects. And also, with understanding the context of the projects, the national cultures, the industry you are in, and all those important concerns. That is your “inside information” about what the balance is all about. Because if it is just the technical aspects, that’s only 10% of project success, and the other 90% is everything else. Even other organizations today are now asking: “are you ready?” And they are repeating our insight, that is not just the technical aspect, it is the “rest of the story” that IPMA brings.

And about moving forward, project management is the only discipline that humans do that involves change; everything else we manage is maintaining the status quo. If we are not moving forward, the world is still changing. So we are actually moving backwards, because the earth rotates beneath us; we need to move forward faster than society grows, and complexity increases. So that is what is behind IPMA’s slogan, moving forward; , if we are not moving forward, we are moving backwards.

Ivy:     Yes, this could be a survive or die, disappear issue.

Stacy:            There is another secret…


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Shanghai, China 

Ivy Elizabeth Bai graduated from Beijing Normal University, Master’s Degree in Comparative Education.  Ivy has 18 years of working experience in education and training industry, working as management in Chinese and global top business schools such as Chinese European International Business School and Management School of Fudan University, working as director in education group.  Ivy has been involved in project management education and training for years; currently she is general manager of Beijing Wow Project Management Consulting Company, Shanghai Branch.  She is an assessor and language owner of PRINCE2 certifications.  She translated the books of P3O, PRINCE2 and all of the courseware of PRINCE2, MSP and MoR for use in China.  Ivy can be contacted at [email protected].