Interview with IPMA President Mladen Radujkovic: At the 2013 IPMA World Congress in Croatia


By Ivy Elizabeth Bai 

Shanghai, China

pmwj16-nov2013-bai-mladen-IMAGE 1 RADUJKOVIC

Prof Mladen Radujkovic, IPMA President

Ivy Elizabeth Bai (Ivy):       Hello, Mladen. I am from Beijing Wow Project Management Consulting Company which is famous for project/programme management training, consulting and certification in China and ranks in the top 10 Chinese Project Management Consulting Company by PMRC. We have been providing World Top 500 construction companies, large scale central enterprises and their subsidiaries, publicly-held companies, etc. project/programme management training, consulting and certification for ten years. There are 40-50 thousand project managers who have attended our project management training.

Thank you very much for your time for this interview. As the president of IPMA, what do you think of the congress this year?

Prof Mladen Radujkovic (Mladen):        As IPMA President, I think the Congress achieved what we had planned. I saw that participants are excited and happy, and this is the best confirmation Congress succeed. So people will remember a successful IPMA Congress in here.

Ivy:     I think the topic of this congress “finding balance and moving forward” is great. As the president, could you please tell us why does the IPMA board choose this topic?

Mladen:         For me, balance and moving forward are very important messages to and from the project management community, because we are dealing with many complex issues at the same time. We are putting these together, and the balancing is a real art of project management. Because you cannot create success taking just one factor, you have to keep balance taking in account many relevant factors which are not selected by copy-paste process. Balance is the art, and that is why the message is like that. Moving forward has been very strong message sent by IPMA, telling individuals and companies they must be dynamic enough, they must keep moving, and keep moving forward.

Ivy:     The time of this congress is special, the beginning of the last quarter of 2013, almost the end of this year and the new year is at the corner, at this turning point, could you please tell us, what are the main achievements this year, let’s say in research area, and in the practical area ? And what are the trends, new development or the direction of the project management field? Let’s put a timeframe like next year or in 2015.

Mladen:         I think that the top achievement is the realization that the people are important. At certain point of time, I think the professionals pay more attention to technique, to some supportive elements. Basically, you may have totally equal support from IT or whatever, but having totally different result on the same project, just because of the people engaged. So I am very happy to see we are more and more talking about people who are actually the projects. People are projects.

It is known that IPMA is developing ICB4 which is much stronger compared with ICB3. So, from my perspective, this is a significant achievement for IPMA but also for the project management community. It is also noticed that nowadays PMI is also accepting such an approach more and more, and not focusing only the knowledge area. It is people, and people.


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About the Author

pmwj16-nov2013-bai-mladen-IMAGE 2 IVY BAIflag-chinaIvy Elizabeth Bai           

Shanghai, China 

Ivy Elizabeth Bai graduated from Beijing Normal University, Master’s Degree in Comparative Education.  Ivy has 18 years of working experience in education and training industry, working as management in Chinese and global top business schools such as Chinese European International Business School and Management School of Fudan University, working as director in education group.  Ivy has been involved in project management education and training for years; currently she is general manager of Beijing Wow Project Management Consulting Company, Shanghai Branch.  She is an assessor and language owner of PRINCE2 certifications.  She translated the books of P3O, PRINCE2 and all of the courseware of PRINCE2, MSP and MoR for use in China.  Ivy can be contacted at [email protected].