Inter-Disciplinary Bi-Lingualism: A Communication Tool for Strategic Execution in the Project Management Office (PMO)


Habeeb Adekunle Quadri, MSc, MBA, PMP, PMI-RMP, (PhD)

New York, USA


In the new global economic order, the ever increasing relevance, challenges and potentials of the project management office (PMO) has made well-streamlined communication process pivotal in enhancing the efficiency of the project management office most especially with regard to lean management and risk management. Lack of proper alignment between portfolio leaders (strategic executionists) in the PMO and strategy planners (executive functionalists) remains a weakness. This research paper crystallizes the importance of inter-disciplinary bi-lingualism (a mutual understanding between strategy planners and portfolio leaders) in facilitating common business language which engenders supportive relationship.

Organizations currently manage strategic initiatives as projects and the inevitable interdependent relationship between strategy planners and portfolio leaders is a catalyst for executing and sustaining multi-facet business projects to create continuous value to the customer. Strategy planners decide on “what” should be accomplished to achieve the business objectives based on the strategic plan, the vision and the mission. The portfolio leaders in the PMO complement the strategy planners by strategizing on “how” and “how well” to better execute the “what” based on the technical, behavioral and contextual competencies to achieve the business objectives.

In summary, bi-lingual leaders (strategy planners who are oriented in strategic outcomes and portfolio leaders who are oriented in project outputs) marry clearly communicated business strategy with tailored portfolio. Strategy planners and portfolio leaders prioritize and allocate organization scarce resources to execute transformative project portfolio in a scalable, interdependent and iterative fashion to achieve the strategic business goals the portfolio was designed to accomplish.


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About the Author

pmwj15-oct2013-quadri-AUTHOR IMAGE 150x163flag-usaHabeeb Adekunle Quadri

Haquad Group Inc.

New York, USA

Habeeb Quadri, MSc, MBA, PMP, PMI-RMP, is a PhD candidate in Project Management Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. Habeeb is a New York-based Entrepreneur/Managing Partner at Haquad Group Incorporation, and a previous management executive in the Financial District of New York, A World Bank/USAID Development Economist and a Procurement Coordinator at ExxonMobil, Nigeria.

Habeeb is a certified professional in project management and risk management, with a graduate degree in International/Development Economics including an MBA in Project Management. Habeeb earned executive graduate certificates in Corporate Governance, Leadership, Management Consulting and, Strategic Innovation from Harvard and Stanford. Habeeb is well versed in accomplishing strategic goals and meeting critical deadlines in fast-paced, challenging and stressful environments.

Habeeb is an author and a speaker with research interests in PMO Leadership, Project Financials, Project Controls, Development Economic Analysis and Stakeholders Management. Habeeb can be contacted at [email protected].  For more information, visit www.haquad.com