Why integrate PRiSM™ with Agile Project Management™ (AgilePM®), and the relationship with PRINCE2®


Antony della Porta



GPM® (Green Project Management) is already gaining global recognition with PRiSM™ (Projects Integrating Sustainable Methods) courses enabling project managers to gain a strong grounding on implementing methods within their projects to address their organizations’ strategy for Sustainability and addressing the environmental impacts these projects would have.  The full PRiSM™ course is based on the ISO 21500 guidance for Project Management.

This paper explores integrating GPM® PRiSM™ into the project delivery approaches of AgilePM® (Agile Project Management) and PRINCE2® (PRojects In a Controlled Environment) and so addressing Sustainability through a project. This would then provide the project owners, sponsors and the wider stakeholder community confidence that the organization’s strategy for sustainability is being adhered to. The result is that integrating the PRiSM method fully and very successfully into these two popular methods will benefit the organization and project managers who employ them.

Key words: AgilePM® PRiSM™ SAPM SP2 GPM® PRINCE2® Sustainability “P5 Standard®” certification


Projects are becoming an ever-increasingly important activity in an organization.  In order to keep ahead of the fast-paced growth in business, organizations need to be able to adapt and implement their strategic change with speed and agility. The Agile Project Management method is gaining popularity as it provides such an approach to delivering projects this way, whilst at the same time maintaining a management aspect of rigor.

Recognizing that there is also a market to provide this training for project managers who are already experienced and certified to a recognized level in certain project delivery approach styles the author believed there was a need to provide courses for these project managers.  As an instructor on two well-known methodologies, PRINCE2® and Agile Project Management, the author realized that a course needed to be developed that would capture this market area and enable these practitioners to become certified as Green Project Managers (Foundation). It would also give them the opportunity to follow the GPM® certification pathway and more importantly, provide them with the skills and methods to address sustainability. Hence the SAPM (Sustainable AgilePM®) and SP2 (Sustainable PRINCE2®) courses were developed. This paper primarily explains how the methods are incorporated into the AgilePM® methodology, the benefits for the organizations and project managers arising from this course and how SAPM compliments their current skills.

Another aspect of AgilePM® is that it has been developed and written to fit in well with PRINCE2® and complements quality processes such as ISO9001and CMMI and therefore a relationship between the two is discussed.


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About the Author

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Antony della Porta, MBA, GPM-m and a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting, has over 30 years’ experience of working in project rescue and consultancy roles in major verticals such as Finance, Travel, Media and Pharmaceuticals. He is also an established consultant and instructor in delivering courses in Project Management methodologies, (PRiSM™, PRINCE2®, AgilePM®, SP2 and SAPM) and general Project Management and courses relevant to the delivery and realization of business strategy. He has over 15 years experience using PRINCE2®, and has successfully managed and implemented many PRINCE2® projects, a large number of these as a hybrid blend with Agile.

Antony represents GPM Global in Europe as a GPM EMEA Hub Director. He works with GPM-Global in developing specialist courses (SAPM-Sustainable Agile Project Management) to provide project delivery professionals a path to become Green Project Managers by gaining the GPM range of accreditations: GPM-b®, GPM® and GPM-m® including those already Practitioner accredited in PRINCE2® and AgilePM®.  He can be contacted at [email protected].