Innovation for Survival: An inside look into the World of Innovation Know-How


Chandan Lal Patary

Bangalore, India

1.    Abstract

Many hurdles human beings were faced and have been facing to lead a superior life. For existence, especially today human beings need to immediately come up with efficient way of living and manage changes creatively. Natural resources are diminishing at faster rate; human beings need to innovate continuously to live life efficiently, with minimizing damage to the nature. People need to think unremittingly what are new and the best way to achieve the goal by utilizing fewer resources and get the utmost result. Innovation is a part of Art and part of science. That’s why Innovation is a part of every creature’s DNA. Same is true for any organization. Organization that is providing values to the mankind through innovative products or any other means which make the life comfortable with less damage to the nature are best in profitability.

Organization resilience and sustainability also surges in a process. To attain the goal organizations continuously need to devote on various resources for advancement. Organization need to find which problem it should target and where it can exploit its strengths and maximize output. Organization should build strategic vision to sustain long time. How can organization’s aspiration, envisage and execute the thoughts fast enough to produce value to the human beings. Long term sustenance entirely depends on continuous new solution which makes the life easy, efficient, and effective, cost competitive with minimal damage to the natural resources and require less change to adapt. The organizations which work on these fundamental fetch the best solution fast into the market and can create greater impact to the community.

This paper will explain below points

a)    Pitfalls in innovation process and how can team overcome hindrance by fostering creativity and build capability?

b)    How to smart-storm for the right problem and think out the box proposal and execute proficiently for innovative solution?

c)    How society can create ecology for innovation through education, research organizations, government funding agencies, technology companies, investors, entrepreneur and consumers, interdependent economies?

d)    How competently operation management process drives innovation? And creates sustainability

e)    How by tapping organization knowledge, utilizing strength, strategic alliance with others and right business environment will create more opportunities?

2. Keywords 

Brainstorm, Convergent-Divergent, Delivery Excellent model


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About the Author

chandan-lal-pataryflag-indiaChandan Lal Patary

Bangalore, India

Mr. Chandan Lal Patary is currently working as agile coach and program manager at ABB. He has deep experience in developing Software applications across various domains and has successfully executed many Projects. Chandan has worked on domains like Healthcare, Aerospace, Building automation, Power automation, Industrial Automaton under real time mission critical product development to large scale application development. Chandan has 15 years of industry experience. He is certified PMP from 2008, Green Belt certified holder from 2005. Chandan is an agile practitioner and Certified Scrum Master from 2011. Chandan holds a Bachelor’s from National Institute of Technology (NIT-Agartala) in Electrical Engineering. He has completed one year Executive General Management program from IIM-Bangalore in 2007. He can be reachable through email/LinkedIn: [email protected]