Influencing your team members in a positive way


By Alfonso Bucero 

Madrid, Spain

Connection is absolutely critical if you, as a project manager, want to influence your team members in a positive way. When you navigate for others, you come alongside them and travel their road for a while, helping them handle some of the obstacles and difficulties in their projects. But when you connect with them, you are asking them to come alongside you and travel your road for your and their mutual benefit.

When we think of connecting with people, we compare it to trains and what happens to them in a train yard. The cars sitting on the tracks in a train yard have a lot of things going for them. They have value because they’re loaded with cargo; they have a destination; and they even have a route by which to get to that destination. But they don’t have a way of getting anywhere on their own. To do anything of value, they have to hook up with a locomotive.

Have you ever been to a train yard and watched how unrelated and disconnected pieces of equipment come together to form a working train? It’s quite a process. It all begins with the locomotive. First, it switches itself onto the same track as the car it’s going to pick up. Then it moves to where the car is, backs up to it, makes contact with it, and connects. Once it’s all hooked up, together they move toward their destination.

A similar thing must happen before you can get people to go with you on a project. You have to find out where they are, move toward them to make contact, and connect with them. If you can do that successfully, you can take them to new heights in your relationship and in their development. To connect with people you will need communication skills, a desire to help people grow and change, and a sense of personal mission or purpose. My best practices to connect with the people you influence are as follows


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About the Author

alfonso-buceroflag-spainAlfonso Bucero

Madrid, Spain 

Alfonso Bucero, DEA, PMP, PMI Fellow, is founder and Managing Partner of BUCERO PM Consulting, based in Madrid.  Alfonso was the founder, sponsor and president of the PMI Barcelona Chapter until April 2005, and belongs to PMI’s LIAG (Leadership Institute Advisory Group).  He was also the President of the PMI Madrid Spain Chapter. Alfonso has a Computer Science Engineering degree from Universidad Politécnica in Madrid and is studying for his Ph.D. in Project Management. He has 29 years of practical experience and is actively engaged in advancing the PM profession in Spain and throughout Europe. Alfonso is a contributing editor and international correspondent for PM World in Spain.  Alfonso Bucero can be contacted at [email protected] or visit www.abucero.com