In this Issue – Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of the PM World Journal

David Pells, Managing Editor


Welcome to the inaugural edition of the PM World Journal (PMWJ), a new electronic publication serving the world of professional program and project management (P/PM). The PMWJ will be followed in the next few weeks by a new online digital library, the PM World Library, which will serve as the repository for articles, papers, stories and other contents of the monthly PMWJ.  Together, the new PMWJ and PM World Library will serve as global resources in support of continuous learning related to P/PM.

Together, these two online knowledge and information services will aim to accomplish five objectives: (1) to support the creation of new P/PM knowledge; (2) to provide more recognition and visibility for those who create that knowledge; (3) to promote and support the sharing of P/PM knowledge with those new to the field or in organizations and locations where additional P/PM knowledge and information are needed; (4) to provide an easily accessible repository of P/PM knowledge and information; and (5) to advance the application of P/PM knowledge for solving more of the world’s problems.  These are lofty goals, but exciting – and achievable!

The new PMWJ also represents a new model for publishing P/PM articles and papers.  Going beyond “lessons learned”, we want to aggressively promote publication as a way to capture lessons learned and good practices in P/PM and to share that knowledge with those who may need it most – students, young project managers, and those in project-based organizations, industries and emerging economies around the world.  In many cases, those are the ones where better, faster and more efficient delivery of project results can positively impact thousands of human lives.

Knowledge sharing can take many forms, which is why we offer various categories of articles and papers in the new PMWJ – featured papers, advisory articles, commentaries, editorials, case studies, personal stories, news articles.  Some new knowledge is based on serious research, or experience on actual programs and projects.  New lessons learned or good practices grow from specific applications, the solving of specific problems or participating on successful teams.

Lessons Learned Reports are too often prepared for internal distribution, after which they disappear into company archives, files or book shelves.  Where possible, please consider sharing those lessons learned, experiences and successful practices with others around the world.  Few are likely to be direct competitors; many readers will be extremely grateful.

That said, I am happy to introduce this first edition of the PMWJ.  It includes a full set of articles, papers, book reviews and news from around the world, with contents by 33 different authors, 85 news articles and 32 countries represented.  This is a great start for a global publication.


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About the Author

David L. Pells

Managing Editor, PMWJ

Dallas, Texas, USA

David L. Pells is Managing Editor of the PM World Journal, a global eJournal for program and project management, and Executive Director at the PM World Library. He is also the president and CEO of PM World, the virtual organization behind the PM World Journal and Library, and president of PM World Services, a U.S. firm providing high level PM advisory services for major government programs.  David is an internationally recognized leader in the field of professional project management with more than 35 years of experience on a wide variety of programs and projects, including engineering, construction, defense, transit and high technology, and project sizes ranging from several thousand to ten billion dollars. He continues to act in advisory roles for several global programs and organizations.  He has been an active professional leader in the United States since the 1980s, served on the board of directors of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) twice, and founded and led the Global Project Management Forum, a series of meetings of international PM professional leaders from around the world, during the 1990s.  David was awarded PMI’s Person of the Year award in 1998 and Fellow Award in 1999. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Association for Project Management (APM) in the UK; Project Management Associates (PMA), the national PM society of India; and of the Russian Project Management Association SOVNET.  From June 2006 until March 2012, he was the managing editor for PMForum.org and of the globally acclaimed PM World Today eJournal.  David has published widely, speaks at conferences and events worldwide, and can be contacted at [email protected].