In response to Letter to the Editor in June PMWJ related to Dynamic Scheduling


14 June 2014

Dear Mr. Pells,

In the issue of PMWJ for June-2014, a commentary letter was published by Mr. Pat Weaver on our paper “What is Dynamic Scheduling?” which was published in PMWJ, May-2014 issue. First, we would like to thank Mr. Weaver for reading the topic and referring to it in his recent work:


Second, we invested the appropriate time to go through the references included in Mr. Weaver’s letter and found them to be irrelevant to the context of our publication. Our paper was reviewing the categories and elements of dynamic scheduling and using the manufacturing industry, where dynamic scheduling started, as a base for the review. The references mentioned in Mr. Weaver’s letter are dealing with only one category of dynamic scheduling, predictive scheduling, from construction projects perspective; and accordingly, they are neither covering the whole dynamic scheduling topic, nor relevant to the industry we used in the paper as a reference, manufacturing.

Finally, we can understand that the issue which triggered Mr. Weaver’s letter is that we stated in our paper that “dynamic scheduling topic is quite new in relation to construction field”. So, taking into consideration the publications mentioned in Mr. Weaver’s letter, we can conclude that a partial reference to one category of dynamic scheduling topic in a few publications and a book in 2010, cannot infer the topic any level beyond being quite new to construction field; especially that records of practical applications of dynamic scheduling in construction industry, whether successful or not, are very rare in literature.

In addition, a detailed research was performed to survey the construction project management practitioners about their knowledge of the dynamic scheduling concepts, and to collect their experienced opinions about the topic. More than 360 PM practitioners from 52 countries, and with several experience levels, participated in the survey; and the results were strongly in favor of our statement. Survey results were also published in the PMWJ, May-2014 issue:


We thank Mr. Weaver again for opening the discussion about the dynamic scheduling topic, because we believe that these discussions will definitely enrich the topic, and the more the construction PM community read about it, the more they will recognize the ‘lack of knowledge’ about the topic, and understand that the topic is far beyond few predictive schedule quality indices and/or adjustments; and accordingly, this might turn the minds of decision makers in construction PM from old practices to invest more, or at least properly explore, new topics with proven success in other industries.

Best regards,

Amer Fahmy

Muscat, Oman