I’ll Take Purple Please – The Big Game of Project Management


By Laura B. Moore


It’s football season again and around my house, that means packing up every weekend for tailgating and a day spent at U.C. Berkeley (Cal) football games.  This behavior continues until late November  when it all culminates in The Big Game – the football game between Cal & Stanford University.  For some members of each school, there is great animosity between the schools… for example, if you wear red (one of Stanford’s colors) to a Cal football game you will most likely have several students and young alumni chanting “take off that red shirt!” until you give in and remove it (point to note, if you’re a female or modest at all, wear a shirt under the red shirt, or just don’t wear the color red to begin with!)

The thing is, I married a Cal man, but I didn’t myself attend Cal.  I almost did, and I also almost attended Stanford.  So truly, I see the benefits and the downsides to both universities and although I may be looking at divorce papers after saying this, I think both schools are wonderful.  In fact, when you combine the strengths of the two schools, you fill in for many of the weaknesses and find synergies that not only benefit the students, but the world in general (when you look at the research they conduct, this is not an understatement).

So now the usual question – where is Laura going with this…

Here’s the thing – Cal has blue & gold for their colors; Stanford red & white.  The primary colors there are blue and red, which mixed together make purple (the significance of which will be explained later).  Ya following me?  No?  Okay, a bit more then…

Think about your projects.  Consider each milestone as a game along the way to the big game, which will bring you to the final play in the final game that is your project, landing you either in the throngs of victory, or the depths of defeat.


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About the Author

Laura Bollinger-Moore


Laura Bollinger-Moore, PMP, M.A. Social Psychology, MOM, has an eclectic background that includes not only her work in the Telecom industry in such fields as Project Management, Regulatory, Human Resources, Customer Service and Operations, but also outside of Telecom as a Clinical Psychology Researcher and a Social Worker. Currently, Laura is an analyst in Consumer Competitive Intelligence at AT&T, managing multiple simultaneous research projects and providing foresight into, and analysis on, trends and fads, as well as cutting edge upcoming technology. Laura lives in California with her husband Lorin, and their two amazing daughters Lily Faye and Layla Blue.  Laura can be contacted at [email protected]