Hybrid Agile for Rapid Product Innovation & Delivery


By Donald R Hammons, MS, MBA 

Texas, USA


This paper addresses the utility of the hybrid-agile delivery model designed to provide for rapid innovation, prototyping and deployment specific to new software product development and innovation.

Product Development Overview 

Rapid product innovation and time to market velocity are often vital to successful product launches.  Start-ups with the ‘next big idea’ aim to reduce product development lifecycles as development and resource ‘time’ equate to a cost basis that must be strictly contained.  While a hybrid-agile delivery model for new products can certainly apply to SaaS and cloud platform innovation (via ‘releases’ or app-level deployments), the hybrid-agile model is also capable as a delivery mechanism to drive new product innovation and deployment where rapid prototyping and delivery of new product offerings is vital to start-up or new product launch success.

Hybrid-Agile – A Model for Start-up Product Innovation 

Academics in the project and program delivery eco-system understand fully the variances between traditional engineering based left-to-right waterfall delivery models.  In fact, there are many examples where this type of model has its utility.  For most of us in the cloud-enabled IT world, agile tends to be a model more closely suited to rapid innovation atop API-powered Cloud applications.  While innovation atop leading Software as a Service (SaaS) applications is empowered through the agile delivery model, the hybrid-agile model incorporates ‘both’ a predecessor series of activities on the front and back-end of the agile framework allowing for rapid product innovation while ensuring the supporting and downstream post-development frameworks are in place to ensure a successful product or application launch for start-ups.


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About the Author

flag-usa pmwj20-mar2014-hammons-AUTHOR PHOTODonald R. Hammons, MS, MBA

North Texas, USA

Donald R. Hammons is a graduate of the University of Texas MBA program and the Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer of Volo Solutions, Inc. headquartered in Dallas, Texas USA.  Don has lectured at the University of Texas Global Executive Forum and his co-authored paper on the collaboration potential of social platforms as a catalyst in scientific achievement was presented at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.  Don has enjoyed a 20+ year career in the information technology sector of the U.S. economy and as Volo’s Co-Founder he is responsible for global customer success and cloud enablement.  Author:  [email protected] or Website:  www.volousa.com

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