How to Select Your Project Team


By Ron Taylor 

Virginia, USA

As project managers we are not usually given the opportunity to select the members of our project team.  Team members are often assigned to projects based on their skill sets and availability.

A friend of mine is occasionally given the opportunity to select her project team members, and she told me how she does it, using a lesson she learned about herself.

Some years earlier she had participated in a “360” evaluation, which involves being reviewed by your peers, your bosses and your direct reports. She received good reviews from her peers and bosses, but poor reviews from her team members.

They described her as “cold” and “uncaring.” They reported that even when they had done a particularly good job, she did not seem to appreciate it. Her boss decided to enroll her in a training course to help her learn to express gratitude for the work other people were doing.

She tried her best to apply what she learned, but it did not work. She felt awkward, her team felt embarrassed for her, and it only made matters worse.


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About the Author 

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Virginia, USA

Ron Taylor is an internationally-known leader, lecturer, author, and consultant, and the principal and founder of the Ron Taylor Group.  Ron served as President and CEO of a 10,000-person organization (PMIWDC) and was named Leader of the Year by the 500,000-person Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Ron is an Adjunct Professor in the MBA Programs at both Virginia Tech and George Mason University.  He is represented by the Washington Speakers Bureau, and his latest book, Leadership: Stories, Lessons and Uncommon Sense, is available on Amazon.  Ron can be reached at [email protected]

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