How to Motivate Team


How to Motivate Team for Project Success and Individual Career Success

By Sunitha Arvind Muralidharan



The Article has an insight on how team morale and motivation can play a key role in project success or failure.


In today’s IT World with projects catering to various Clients requirements, the success of a project depends highly on how the team is motivated and in turn gives productivity for project goals. As a Project Manager we handle small or big teams catering to Client Requirements in such a scenario where you have a fast pace environment wherein the team on day in day out basis is catering to client’s demand then definitely team Morale and Motivation play a very high role for the success of project.

First and Important condition to understand as a Project Manager is that every person is motivated with different factors; some find good hike as motivation, some may find challenging role as motivating factor, some want to perform in the roles like managerial role, some will like analysis work or some will like purely technical work and they are competent in those fields and contribute towards highly technical piece of work. Hence it becomes very important for a project manager to analyze the person’s aptitude and interest before assigning him work. Having said that, there will be always situations wherein as a Project Manager we will not be able to implement actually the particular concept.  Then it is very important for the team and Project Manager to discuss openly the situation and the Project Manager should get the buy in from team.  If the team is ready to give its 100% then only project deliveries with quality will be guaranteed; otherwise the success rate of project becomes lower.

In Software product development or service related projects the main factors for motivation in a team are –

  • Every Member has clear roles and responsibility and Project Manager defines the roles matrix in the team where you have a hierarchy well defined to avoid daily chaotic situation in demanding projects.
  • Project Manager should have Clear Communication Channel within team where any difficulty faced like conflicts among peers, high pressure to deliver tight schedules, appraisal problems, etc. can be resolved- Unresolved issues always becomes a big issue and add on to failure of IT Projects.

Lack of candid communication among team and project managers results in demotivated and highly unpredictable team wherein there is no synchronous activities among the team members for the common project goal; as a Project Manager it is becomes a mandate to ensure synchronicity between team members toward the project goal.


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Sunitha Arvind Muralidharan
is an IT Project Manager with 10 years of hands-on experience spanning Program, Project, PMO, Quality, Strategy, Product and Team Management. She has a diverse background in Technical and Managerial areas with experience in delivering business critical information system such as B2C web sites, ERP, Product, and Web Application. Received Best Project Management Excellence Award and Best Project Award for Business critical Projects delivered to Clients.

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