How to Get Executives to Act For Success


Book Title: How to Get Executives to Act For Success
Author:  Michael O’Brochta, PMI-ACP, PMP
Publisher:  Zozer, Inc
List Price: $22.50
Format:  Paperback
Publication Date: Feb 2018
ISBN: 978-1981283439
Reviewer: Alice Chiang, PMP, PSM I, M.B.A.
Review Date:   March 2018



Pointing out a popular question that many project managers have had: how to get support from executives for making a project success? Mr. O’Brochta understands this challenge is inevitable to happen when managing a project. He summarizes his experiences from doing project management and his studies from reading related materials into this book.

This book is not only for project managers, but also for executives who pursue projects and careers to have desired results. It states suggestions and explains reasons for suggestions that are all surrounding the concerns that most readers care about.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Six chapters, starting from introducing what challenges have happened during the author’s experience. Next, disclosure of the problem, define project managers’ goals, address expectations for project success decades ago to current.

Chapter three outlines actions that executives are expected to have. Next chapter analyzes barriers to getting project managers and executives to work together by different aspects: limitation of roles, different viewpoints and project management knowledge, and status of organization.

Chapter five lists eight steps that the author suggests project managers can take. The final chapter addresses the reality from taking actions. The progress of getting executives to act for project success would be incremental and cumulative. In addition, the author mentions the influence of willpower and delayed gratification. In the last part of this chapter, the author speaks his appreciation and other suggestions to readers.

The design of six chapters applies project management standard: define requirements, identify facts, plan what to do, what resources the plans would take. When reading this book following the order of chapters, you will experience the project management style of the author.


Mr. O’Brochta mentions specific keywords in each chapter: reinforces mutual relationships. With positive mutual relationships between key stakeholders, your project can process more smoothly. most everywhere, and in any role, having good relationships with people can trigger tasks to move more easily and more quickly. This book reveals this reality; no matter if you like it or not, that is a fact.

As time changes, the definition of a project success expanded. Sponsors are expecting more good results. It turns out, how to achieve project success is becoming more complicated and difficult. By taking suggested project manager steps, practice over and over again, revising the style of managing projects by reviewing results and feedbacks, you will be able to set up a standard, have more confidence to handle projects.


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About the Reviewer

Alice Chiang, PMP

Taiwan and USA

Alice Chiang
is a long-life student of project management. Having an M.B.A. and a Bachelor degree in Information Management, she also holds PMP (Project Management Professional) and PSM I (Professional Scrum Master) certifications. She has 8 years of experience with managing projects in software service for business operations, data management, and project management consulting. Alice enjoys working with teams to deliver satisfied software products to customers.

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