How do Service, Product, and Project Relate Together?


Rania Al-Maghraby, OPM3, PMP, ITIL

Management Consultant, the OneWayForward Inc.


Service, Product, and Project are three of the primitive terms that are well known and familiar. But there are some subtle relationships among them that require some attention when it comes to management.

Lifecycle Relationships:

Products move through product development stages, each of which could be a standalone project by itself. A complete project lifecycle may occur in one or more stages of a product lifecycle, or the project phases may represent the product development lifecycle stages, depending on the project scope in each case and the product development strategy. Product development lifecycle stages can be for example: feasibility study, market research, product design, piloting, build, testing, distribution, and retirement. The project lifecycle stages in its basic form consist of initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & controlling, and closure.

Similar reasoning may apply when the project outcome is a service rather than a product. The service development lifecycle stages can represent phases of a single project, or may each be conducted as a separate project. In the case of multiple successive projects contributing to the delivery of the final outcome (product or service), it can be more efficient to manage these projects collectively as a program.


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