How Blogging Can Help You Land Your Dream Job in Project Management


By Jerry Ihejirika

Lagos, Nigeria

With the high rate of global unemployment, I wonder how many of our recent graduates in project management (PM) have landed their dream jobs. And as more and more PM graduates are being produced by our higher institutions, they would continue to join in this very long queue of job search, globally.

However, it is now common knowledge that the first thing recruiters and employers do is to search for you on social media. So the best place to position yourself first is on social media. But, with the numerous profiles of PM job seekers online, how do you actually stand out from the social media crowd? The answer is through BLOGGING.

Gone are those days when blogging was meant for the journalists, writers and gossip mongers. In today’s world, a good blog can land you your dream job in a company that values project management in or outside your country. How so? Let’s take a look.

My Story

I discovered the power of blogging in 2008 when I joined my first Internet Network Marketing Company. I set up my blog to promote the company’s travel products and services and also recruit members into the company’s Network Marketing system.

I’d expected to generate some local and international traffic by doing this, but I did not anticipate the overwhelming, positive response I got from my upline member who took the time to check out my blog. I also used the blog to a great success in building an international team.


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About the Author

pmwj40-Nov2015-Ihejirika-PHOTOJerry Ihejirika

Lagos, Nigeria



Jerry Ihejirika is a project management graduate (BTech) and blogger. He’s passionate about project management and blogging.

Jerry has published several insightful articles on project management, social media and career development. He’s also working towards establishing an Initiative (PM for Africa Initiative) that will help in creating more awareness, promoting and advancing the best practice of project management in Africa.

You can connect with Jerry Ihejirika through his blog at http://jerryihejirika.com/.