By Donald R Hammons, MBA 

Texas, USA


As media engagement and political fallout ensues pertaining to the recent ‘Obama-care website’ launch failure in the United States tied to new Federal Government healthcare legislation, this paper provides a retrospective analysis as Information Technology professionals and project leaders evaluate the health of their own project deployment activities.   Such a retrospective may provide valuable insight as to project kickoff and pre-deployment corrective actions that would preclude such project launch failures project sponsors.

What We Know 

In order to complete a successful retrospective, a full assessment of known gaps in project performance is required.  In this paper’s use-case (U.S. Federal Government Obama-care website deployment), there are several ‘known’ factors pertaining to the website’s launch and it’s perception of failure in the media.  Those known factors publicly available include:

  • The project ‘sponsor’ is deemed by most in the U.S. as three-fold:
  • The U.S. Government’s Executive Branch (President)
  • Senate and Congressional elected officials who voted ‘for’ the legislation and funded it by signing it into law
  • The U.S. Democratic political par
  • It is widely known that bi-partisan political support for the concept of the legislation (Federally-backed Healthcare provisions) is not robust
  • Legislation and funding supported a go-live of the website as of October 2013
  • Website failures pertaining to workflow performance, site latency and access problems have been experienced by the user community
  • Providers have reported issues with the back-end data driven from the website’s front-end after go live (incorrect data feeds from the website’s front-end)
  • Only 1 in 6 visitors to the Federal Government website actually completed an enrollment


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About the Author

pmwj16-nov2013-ching-hammonds-IMAGE 2flag-usaDonald R. Hammons, MBA

North Texas, USA

Donald R. Hammons is a graduate of the University of Texas MS and MBA programs and the Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer of Volo Solutions, Inc. headquartered in Dallas, Texas USA.  Don has lectured at the University of Texas Global Executive Forum and his co-authored paper on the collaboration potential of social platforms as a catalyst in scientific achievement was presented at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.  Don has enjoyed a 20+ year career in the information technology sector of the U.S. economy and as Volo’s Co-Founder he is responsible for global customer success and cloud enablement.  Email:  [email protected] or Website:  www.volousa.com