Grateful Leadership: Using the Power of Acknowledgment to Engage All Your People and Achieve Superior Results


pmwj14-sep2013-Nazanin-Grateful- BOOK IMAGEBook Title:  Grateful Leadership: Using the Power of Acknowledgment to Engage All Your People and Achieve Superior Results
Author:  Judith W. Umlas
Publisher:  McGraw-Hill
Format:  Hard cover; 219 pages    Price: US$25.00
Publication Date:   2013     ISBN: 978-0-07-179952-2
Reviewer:  Nazanin Mehrooz, PMP
Review Date:            August 2013

Introduction to the Book

This book provides insight on how sharing gratitude is an effective force with valuable impact to corporations and humanity. It results in stronger relationships which are instrumental to corporate success and happier employees.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book contains 3 parts which make up the 15 chapters:

Part 1 Acknowledgment:  Next to Survival, the Greatest Human Need

Part 2 Mastering the 7 principles of acknowledgment for “high-interest” benefits

Part 3 Grateful Leadership in Action

  1. From “I’m mad as hell!” to acknowledgment activist
  2. What is grateful leadership?
  3. Bringing acknowledgment – and it’s benefits – to your workplace
  4. The 5 Cs: the acknowledgment practice that works miracles
  5. When someone deserves acknowledgment, give generously
  6. When merit is recognized, trust and loyalty will follow
  7. Take the antidote to envy
  8. Energize with acknowledgments
  9. Validate with acknowledgments
  10. When employees feel valued, they stop playing hooky
  11. When you want to acknowledge people, there are many ways to do so
  12. Grateful leader profiles
  13. “knock your socks off” power of acknowledgment exercise for leaders
  14. Acknowledgment around the world
  15. True stores about acknowledgment

Appendix A-C

Highlights: What’s New in this Book?

  • Understanding of how recognition coupled with acknowledgment can impact stress and engagement at an individual level while reducing organizational costs
  • How the 5 Cs of acknowledgment (consciousness, choice, courage, communication and commitment) together can work miracles
  • The seven principles of acknowledgment  for those who aspire to grateful leadership


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