Going Beyond the Waterfall


pmwj26-sep2014-Clarke-IMAGE1 BOOKBook Title:  Going Beyond the Waterfall
Authors:  Barbara Davis and Darren Radford
Publisher:  J.Ross Publishing
List Price:   $54.95
Format:  Hard Cover, 260 pages
Publication Date:   June 2014
ISBN: 978-1-60427-090-7
Reviewer:      Vance Clarke, PMP
Review Date:              August 2014

Introduction to the Book

“I am Water-Gile” … This is the header in the Forward of the book.  This is the first clue that “Going Beyond the Waterfall” is going to involve traditional methods, Waterfall, Agile, and other disciplines within program management.  It becomes clear that the book will cover combined and innovative ideas to ensure you are enlightened with new thought.

Being a long time program manager, but a PMP for only a few years I have become more interested in the study, methodology, and differences in how we practice our trade.  As we work within guidelines of the PmBOK, it is exciting to read of new methods, thoughts, and ways to look at how we can accomplish our projects.

Scope and requirements, whether fully defining them up front and then managing change – restricting or encouraging – are keys in the book.  Establishing flexibility, finding ways to enhance, manage, and accomplish a task while fully engaging with stakeholders and your team to meet success.

As the author states, the key take a ways are: (page xv)

1. Are we doing right things, and are we doing them right?

2. What tasks and activities impact scope at the microscopic level?

3. How can project teams, business stakeholders, and user groups ensure that everything they do will help them achieve targeted outcomes?

Overview of Book’s Structure

As the authors state, the book is laid out like a traditional project and flows a very logical life cycle.  It covers the Waterfall and Agile approaches while comparing all with scope and flexing through change.

The book is laid out in four major sections.  (1) Discovery, Scope and Defining Business Solutions, (2) Mid-Flight Change Control, (3) Applying Project and Architecture Methodologies, (4) Implementation and Beyond

Each section builds on specific areas and provides expansion on thoughts, ideas, processes and methods.  The authors build their premise of requirements, functions of it, nature of project, stakeholders, and how they all revolve around defining scope and the fundamental nature of the stability of scope.


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About the Reviewer

pmwj26-sep2014-Clarke-IMAGE2 REVIEWERVance Clarke, PMPflag-usa

Texas, USA

Vance Clarke is Manager of Logistics Programs at L-3 Mission Integration in Greenville, Texas.

Clarke has more than 32 years of leadership and management, 19 years of logistics, and 25 years of Program Management experience. He has an extensive background in logistics issues ranging from ordering, warehousing, and deriving requirements. He has worked at various levels of leadership in both commercial and military organizations.

In 2010, Clarke retired from the United States Air Force, after 30 years of service, and joined L-3 as a Program Manager within Reconnaissance Programs. There he provided oversight on numerous emergency, enhancement, and sustainment projects for critical mission aircraft. In January 2013, he advanced to his current position where he leads a team of five program managers handling a wide-array of contracts focused on aircraft fleet management and sustainment.

Clarke holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management from the University of Laverne, a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland, and a Program Management Certification, along with several prestigious leadership training accomplishments. 

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