Global Young Crew Workshop Report


September 2013

Finding Balance and Moving Forward 

Martina Pavlović

IPMA Young Crew Croatia 

Zagreb, Croatia

In the period from 27-29 September 2013, Dubrovnik (Croatia) was the host city of young project managers from different parts of the world. It gathered more than 110 ambitious young people who had the aim of upgrading their managerial skills, gaining new knowledge, networking and meeting new friends, all interconnected with the field of project management.

Global Young Crew Workshop is an event which has already been widely recognized in the world. Held each year in a different country, it has been providing more and more attractive content acceptable to a large number of young people from different cultures.  Because of its uniqueness, activities and objectives desirable to every young project manager, the event sets higher and higher levels of quality and severity, and thereby achieves the settled goals and rapid success

This year’s GYCW project manager and the president of Young Crew Croatia, Gordana Blažević, who holds a master degree in construction, has described this event, and expressed her feelings saying: „GYCW is a unique experience for me, through which I got to know myself, my strengths and personal weaknesses along with areas of personal and carrier development. I have also had the privilege to learn what it means to work with a perfect project team, and such cooperation will be my personal goal in every future project I participate in. I am very happy to have had the opportunity and the trust of my team.

Thanks to Gordana’s organizational skills and her effective team, the event has surpassed all the expectations and resulted in very positive impressions and feelings with all of the participants.

Daniel Collado – Ruiz, the president of IPMA Young Crew, also did not hide his satisfaction, and he described this year’s workshop saying: “This workshop has definitely raised the bar on quality, content and originality. It’s not small feat for next year’s organizers to move it yet forward, although I know they’re looking forward to the challenge.”

The workshop was perfected through the presence of 14 lecturers and their stunning 12 workshops in the fields such as cultural clashes and conflicts, social welfare, management teams, risk and change management, agile and traditional methods of project management, enterprise management, etc. The participants were given the opportunity to see how to use and develop their personal advantages, but also how to manage their weaknesses, such as laziness as opposed to productive business. 


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About the Author

pmwj16-nov2013-pavlovic-AUTHOR IMAGEflag-zagreb-croatiaMartina Pavlović

Zagreb, Croatia

Martina Pavlović is a member of the IPMA Young Crew Association, as well as the member of Young Crew Croatia Presidency. She graduated from the University of Zagreb – Faculty of Civil Engineering in the field of Organization and Construction Economics. She’s the administrator of the IMPA certification process in Croatia. As a member of Young Crew Croatia, she has managed the national workshop project, and was also a member of the GYCW project team.