Fundamentals of Program Management: Strategic Program Bootstrapping for Business Innovation and Change


pmwj32-Mar2015-Mauelshagen-BOOK COVERBook Title:    Fundamentals of Program Management: Strategic Program Bootstrapping for Business Innovation and Change
Author: Motoh Shimizu, Dr. Eng, PMP
Publisher: PMI
List Price: US$ 34.95
Format: soft cover, 201 pages
Publication Date:   2012
ISBN: 978-1-935589-63-1
Reviewer:      Ralph J. Mauelshagen, PMP, CSM, CCP
Review Date:            02/2015



Many professional books of our day are written in an informal manner, and these books are easy to read or even skim for the salient points. “Fundamentals” is not such a book. It is closer in style to a masters’ thesis, and requires attention, concentration and critical thought. With that investment, “Fundamentals” rewards the reader with understanding and keen insight across the breadth of its constituent topics.

Before studying this book, the reader should become familiar with what the P2M® is (Project & Program Management for Enterprise Innovation) from the PMAJ (Project Management Association of Japan), because “Fundamentals” has a shared basis in the P2M® and PMI’s PMBOK®. One need not be an expert in the P2M, because whenever it is invoked in this book, the relevant principle is clearly described. However, it is helpful to know the relationships among these and other such standards – the PMAJ itself has a helpful and succinct 36-page online booklet for that reason.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is structured very logically and openly, with outline-style overviews to begin each chapter.


Dr. Shimizu describes early in chapter one precisely what he means by the term “strategic program bootstrapping.” It describes when a program is initiated by executive(s) only in conceptual form, and then “the program manager and program organization elucidate and detail essential strategic requirements…” So in a sense, it is bottom-up instead of top-down. Doing so allows the program to be more nimble, more flexible, and “is a realistic and efficient method that fits small-scale organizations,” which could also, he emphasizes, be a segment of a much larger organization.

Because there is considerable overlap in the concepts of program bootstrapping and business startups, it is not surprising to find echoes of Lean Startup (Ries, 2011) in this book, although not explicitly referenced. Two such echoes are the “leap of faith” (here “leap”) in unpredictable situations and the author’s directive to examine scenario elements from future to present, instead of present to future (both on p.56).


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