From Project Management to Business Objectives


How to align the project goals to the business strategy

By Luca Cavone and Alessandro Savioli

Milan, Italy



Many organizations do not apply structured Project Management processes; some apply them, but focus only on the project operational targets (Quality, Cost, Time). Others apply them but the results are not aligned or with a large gap compared to business goals. The organizations that are able to support and develop their growth successfully act on both levers, define the best practices for managing projects and at the same time correlate these to the business strategy.

For Project Driven Organizations, the selection of the right mix of initiatives in their portfolio should take into account the strategy, in qualitative and measurable targets. What is most important is to have a structured approach; therefore an appropriate system of indicators is required to measure the correlation of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each single project with the business results of the organization.

This paper presents a new approach together with an implementation case, showing how it is possible to integrate the two dimensions, with respect to:

  • How to outline and deployment the strategic objectives;
  • How to check the coherence of the projects, setting priorities in line with the corporate objectives;
  • How to design and implement KPIs and a measurement system allowing linkage of the goals of each project with the company’s operating results


In our daily activity working as consultants we have the chance to support companies operating in various industries, including aerospace, banking, food, machinery and many others. Different Industries and of course different contexts: manufacturing, services but also Project Driven Enterprises.

Typically when we deal with the latter, the scope of our intervention covers Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) topics. In some cases we provide project management methodological support to customer projects, in others designing and implementing the overall governance of the company portfolio, rather than in the management of resources within a business area.


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About the Authors

pmwj34-May2015-Cavone-Savioli-PHOTO1Luca Cavone

Innovation Management Division at JMAC Europe

Milan, Italy


Luca Cavone
is a Consultant at JMAC Europe where he is mainly focused to support companies in Innovation Management and Product Development, with an interdisciplinary background of the business processes. In JMAC Luca follows also the study and development of project management methodologies based on the application of Lean Thinking approach. Before joining JMAC he worked several years in the Aerospace industry. Luca is a member of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) as well as an international correspondent for PM World Journal. He can be contacted at [email protected].


pmwj34-May2015-Cavone-Savioli-PHOTO2Alessandro Savioli

Innovation Division Manager at JMAC Europe

Milan, Italy



Alessandro Savioli has been working in the consulting industry since 1995, as a specialist of process and organizational change programs finalized to improve company profitability. He is now focused on the Innovation processes (Business Development, R&D, Project Management). His professional knowledge is mainly based upon the Japanese management methodologies and toolkits, studied and applied both in the manufacturing and in the service industries. In addition to consulting and training, he also acted as contractor Project Manager in some significant international projects.