Flood – Turning Disaster to Market


By Md. Moshfaqur Rahman



Losing crops is very common with food and other things in a natural disaster. This age, we are all facing this; so why not use the disaster as option. I choose flood to turn it to option. Flood supports surface recharge with vegetation and many other factors. If we coordinate this with management then it becomes valuable. There are two types of flood, regular and flash flood. My test scenario will be Bangladesh, because of the geophysical position – introduce with other tech & solutions. Also if any foundations and research groups want to work, my platform can help.

Key Words: Flood, management, tech solution and turning to option


Flood is a common hydrological event with lots of aspects, so narrowing it to just a disaster is not the way we should look. Recent flood events in England and USA, 2015 are for controlling the river with structural solutions; that invites real estate & other investment next to river overflows with disaster-flood. We need to use river bank because of overcrowded people in this globe. Bangladesh here is over populated; land needs to be reserved for agriculture, but often can’t due to urbanization, erosion and dryness. Representation of modern world; here we create but embrace vulnerability.

Now think to use flood as a market a try to become less vulnerable with option from market system; a system we all inhabit and rely on. Flood disaster management is just a response based approach – so people suffer more. Also NGOs format is for a rapid touch with relief products. But can’t support in long term; meanwhile those people have skills but never get market access to sell it. This dynamics hurts too those economies, even richest ones fall down.

Meanwhile floods can be forecast globally with remote sensing products from NASA.gov; there is lots of potential free to access sources. This is a tech solution; yet not introduced. Here many options will enhance for tech solution that big investors can work. This will be a living with environment and use it on purpose. It will create a market; then a disaster turns into a market.

Flash and regular Flood                           

Hydrologically they both have similarity and dissimilarity; most of those are very much classic academic debate. Can say eggs and chickens for our purpose; my interest is getting chicken fried and egg omelet. The tech solution is fading for academic debate – this needs to be put in place and market tested. This way further academic debate can be avoided; in market academicians don’t work, nor do NGOs and Humanitarian organs. This keeps opening the market for applied science products & solutions.

There are many applied science products like remote sensing, applied seismology and many others that can be introduced. Also the third world is not a proper user of agrometric products; there is a backlash there. These regions remain poor for not using these products. Also rich countries have no option but to donate, another hamper for own economy. Market centric attitudes can overcome this.


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