Five Essentials to Empower Your Organization for Business Success


By Mark Bashrum, Vice President,

Corporate Marketing and Strategic Intelligence

ESI International


Advancing the organization and achieving business success require developing new products, finding new markets, and building enabling systems and infrastructure. Keeping execution aligned with the strategy to accomplish these objectives has always been one of the most difficult challenges in running a business. In the current environment the task seems more daunting than ever due to the following:

  • Harsh economic realities and the resulting environment of scarcity have often meant that those individuals once responsible for championing programs to implement and sustain process improvement, change management, and project management competencies are no longer with the firm or are dispersed across a newly reorganized and often fragmented organization.
  • Along with organizational improvement efforts, many of the support structures meant to reinforce a culture of execution have also been disbanded or diminished.  This has left the development, training, and reinforcement of project management best practices, methodologies, and systems floundering.
  • With few exceptions, most industries are experiencing the aging of their workforce and the inevitable loss of critical human capital.
  • Tough regulatory requirements associated with new legislation are impacting many industries. Healthcare, pharma, and financial services have all seen a barrage of compliance mandates over the past few years, which are diverting their best and brightest resources to meet hard deadlines to avoid punitive consequences for non-compliance.

As with most challenges, meeting them comes down to ensuring the basics are in place. Delivering desired outcomes depends on project-focused competencies and a culture of execution.  The key professionals in your organization who are responsible for advancing your strategy through new products, new markets, and new systems must have a solid foundation of competencies and be supported by a culture and structure that drives execution.


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About the Author

Mark Bashrum

Vice President

ESI International

Mark Bashrum is Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Strategic Intelligence, ESI International.  He is responsible for providing thought leadership to the market and to the company’s many strategic multi-national clients around the world.  For more than 15 years, Mr. Bashrum has been providing learning and development services to Fortune Global 1000 companies.

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