Five Current Trends in Project Management


By Luca Cavone

Milan, Italy


The change, the evolution are at the core of the world we live in, the environment and of human being. In 1859 Charles Darwin has theorized as these dynamics happen in response to the need for adaptation, respect to the context that surrounds us.

In the past, it was observed as these aspects are not applicable only to the nature, but the same principles are found in other fields, including business. Whether you talk about market trends, competitors, business models or technologies, companies are subject to continuous change in order to survive and thrive.

In addition to these external factors, other internal dimensions are subject to the same principles: processes, organization and resources change and evolve according to different needs.

For project driven organizations, where the core of the business are projects, also processes and project management methodologies undergo changes over time.

In this paper, I have collected a series of reflections about the recent evolution of project management, based on my experience together with further insights exchanged with colleagues and other professionals: five main trends are introduced as outcomes.


In a daily work as consultants, we have the opportunity to observe the evolution of companies over time. This path can be more or less visible depending on what is affected in the change process. There can be different dimensions involved, for example: strategy, organization, processes, tools, methodologies; usually it is difficult that only one of these dimensions is involved separately, rather more than one is subject to change, because of the mutual influence.

The companies where the core of the business is driven by projects, of course do not escape this kind of considerations. By focusing on their distinctive element, project management, it is interesting to remark that their approach to the methodology and best practices change and evolve over time.

Starting from this point, I had the chance to reflect several times on how the approach and the application of project management has changed within companies.

Some of the changes have been underway for some years, so in the eyes of industry experts will be certainly not new; others are emerging recently and will be fundamental for the future of the project management in the coming years.

I summarized the following five main trends:


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Milan, Italy




Luca Cavone is a Consultant at JMAC Europe, the Consulting firm of the Japan Management Association. He is mainly focused to support companies in the governance of innovation projects and product development. He has a strong background and expertise in project management methodologies and business practices. Before joining JMAC he had several years of experience in international projects within the aerospace industry. Together with the consulting activities he’s involved as a lecturer for masters and university courses on project management and innovation management. Since 2014 he’s Adjunct Professor in “Language and Communication Skills for Project Management “ at Master in International Business & Economics, University of Pavia.

Since 2009 he has been member of the IPMA (International Project Management Association), for which he has held board positions both a national and international level. He’s regularly invited at international conferences to deliver speeches and workshops

Luca joined the PMWJ in 2013 as an international correspondent in Italy; he can be contacted at [email protected].

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