Find the Fire


Book Title:    Find the Fire: Ignite Your Inspiration and Make Work Exciting Again
Author:  Scott Mautz
Publisher:  American Management Association (AMACOM)
List Price:   $24.95
Format:  Hard cover, 240 pages
Publication Date:  Oct 2017        
ISBN: 978-0-8144-3822-0
Reviewer: Binny Malik
Review Date:   January 2018


Each one of us at some point or the other felt the inspiration that once drove us has been sapped out of us and more often than not we tend to blame our environment, bad boss, difficult team, or just the nature of work itself etc. for this lack of enthusiasm. Find The Fire is a good read that tries best to answer why we lose inspiration and how exactly we can reconnect with ourselves. The Author tries to give a new perspective to everything that saps our energy and that at some level we know has always been out there by listing it all out & loud. Even better than just identifying the problem as Anti Muses, the narration provides fantastic solutions to the problems as Anti Dotes. As a reader, I feel that you come out being little bit more mindful on how to keep your fire ignited.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book starts with the understanding the distinction between motivations and inspirations followed by list of 9 inspiration killers that I believe each one of us recognize at some level – a) Fear; b)Settling & Boredom; c) Inundation; d) Loss of Control; e) Dwindling Self Belief; f) Disconnectedness; g) Dearth of Creating; h) Insignificance; and i) Lack of Evocation. Each of these are organized into separate chapters with in depth explanation

The humor seems to be misplaced at certian times and flow of the content does get slow at places. The book seems to be written in a manner as if the author is ready to use the exact script (including the humor) word-to-word in a motivational speach somewhere some place. This is both good and bad but personally, it does take a bit of imagination as if some one is speaking to you directly and you are taking the que for some introspection


The book is organized into 11 chapters with the first and last being the introduction and conclusion respectively. Chapter 2 through 10 detail out each of the anti-muses and explains why these are anti muses and how we can fight them. The author seems to have put much thought in deliberating each of these topics and has provided lot of depth on how these anti-musers matter and slow us down. There is lot of fodder for introspection and plenty of take aways from each of the chapters depending on how many of these anti-musers apply to you respectively.


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About the Reviewer

Binny Malik

North Texas, USA

Binny Malik
has work experience of about eight years, six of which have been in deployments and project delivery. She is currently working as an IT Release Manager at MoneyGram International handing project delivery of various software projects across organizational business spectrum.


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