Faster, better, cheaper: Agile approach in managing mobile software projects


By Artur Bialy

Krakow, Poland

The world is moving at the faster pace these days, competition increases that speed even further. Business processes have to keep up the pace as well as the software that implement those processes. Software projects become more complex and the aforementioned speed puts a lot of pressure on the timeline and project management.

Despite the fact of the speed another complexity is shining on the horizon.

According to Google Research (http://services.google.com/fh/files/misc/multiscreenworld_final.pdf) smartphones are the most common starting place for online activities such as searching for services and information.

Tablets are replacing home computers and laptops. Consumers are getting mobile and are moving at the great speed, they change devices and are online using multiple sources.

How to manage software projects in such a complex and fast moving world?

One of the solutions to that problem is an AGILE approach.

Being AGILE means quickly adapt to the customer needs, think in the customer business language and develop software in close collaboration with the customer. This customer oriented approach gives the tremendous handicap while working with complex environments.

The production of the software in the agile approach uses iterative and incremental process. It means that the product is built in distinct time boxes (iterations) in an incremental way (adding the desired features one by one).

The diagram below shows the Agile approach using SCRUM framework. Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing software projects and product that was designed especially for complex projects.


All the work starts from the Product Backlog, which is the set of all requirements. The whole scope resided there in the Product Backlog.


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About the Author

flag-polandartur-bialyARTUR BIALY 

Kraków, Poland 

Artur Bialy is an experienced project manager, program manager and technical manager/leader, with approximately 15 years of experience managing IT projects on various levels. He has managed the implementation of complex internet applications, data warehouse and real-time systems. Artur has worked in various roles for international companies in Poland, Ireland, France and Spain. He is an expert in IT project management, business intelligence and real-time applications. Mr. Bialy graduated from the University of Technology and Science, the Department of Computer Science, where he was conducting research into Intelligent Agent Systems and Artificial Intelligence. Artur holds Masters Degree in Applied Computer Science. He also holds the Project Management Professional (PMP ®) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and is an active member of PMI; he was a founding member of the PMI Poland Chapter. He is involved in new agile project management practices, works as an active Scrum Master and helps in implementations of lean/agile practices. He is certified Scrum Master and as one of few in Poland – Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP) by Scrum Alliance. Artur is a Member of PMI® and the Scrum Alliance (Certified ScrumMaster). Artur Bialy lives in Kraków, Poland and can be contacted at [email protected].  Artur’s project management blog can be found at http://www.bialy.eu.