Every-leader-is-an-artistBook Title:  EVERY Leader IS AN ARTIST

Authors:  Michael O’Malley, PhD. and William F. Baker, PhD

Publisher:  McGraw-Hill

Format:  Hard cover; 171 pages

Publication Date:   2012     Price: US$22.00

ISBN: 978-0-07-177857-2

Reviewer:  Nazanin Mehrooz, PMP

Review Date:            July 2013

Introduction to the Book

This book compares and shares traits observed in successful artists with leaders.  Both groups tend to bring people together via a forum to share experiences, excite and motivate people.  The commonality is that they both utilize practice, skills and drive to execute and deliver consistent performance and delivery.   In each chapter, there is detailed comparison of a specific artist’s work with an observed leadership trait to address a specific question or challenge.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book contains 15 chapters:

  1. Intent:  Leadership Begins in the Mind – What am I trying to accomplish?
  2. Focus: Emphasizing the Center of Attention – How will I focus, or frame, the action on what is most important without relying exclusively on words?
  3. Skill:  If You Are Incapable of Doing It, It Can’t Be Done – Do I have full command of the medium, methods, and techniques that will allow me to excel?
  4. Form:  Putting It All Together – Have I assembled the various communicative devices into a coherent whole that presents a uniform message and direction?
  5. Representation:  Many Ways to Say Things – Do I use a full range of methods of communication, including symbols, to unambiguously convey my points?
  6. Imagination:  Social Constructions and the Land of Make-Believe – Do I produce imaginative, original, and stimulating ways of conducting business, and have I created a company where inspired thinking thrives?
  7. Authenticity:  Genuine Creations – Do I act in a manner that is true to my beliefs and that clearly articulates who I am and what I stand for?
  8. Engagement:  The Curious Culture – Do I produce a challenging and intellectually stimulating environment where people feel compelled to take on issues and work hard to generate solutions?
  9. Pleasure:  Emotional Nourishment and Personal Enrichment – Do I produce an enriching and satisfying environment where people are able to thrive and grow?

10. Human Significance:  Why Art and Leadership Persist – Am I able to build a community that is cemented by basic human needs and concerns?

11. Context:  Right Time, Place and Methods – Do I manifest a distinctive management style, and am I able to adapt my style and approach in order to fit the conditions in which I am operating?

12. Criticism:  Take Me Seriously, Please – Am I worthy of being judged and appreciated as a leader?

13. Do we Really Not Care About Leadership

14. Masters of Leadership

15. The Rise and Fall of Mr. R.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book?

It highlights that the skills which both Artists and Leaders have isn’t something which you read in a book but requires practice, challenging oneself and using creativity to be effective.

It provides inspiration and guidelines to motivate being a more effective leader.


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