The Entrepreneurial Project Manager


Book Title: The Entrepreneurial Project Manager: Best Practices and Advances in Project Management Series
Author: Christopher Cross
Publisher:  CRC Press / Auerbach Publications
List Price:   $69.95          Format:  Hard Cover, 196 pages
Publication Date:   August 2017
ISBN: 9781498782357
Reviewer: Rohit Tammana         
Review Date:   10/2017



Decisions are an integral part of a project manager and this book takes an interesting view of how Stoicism and Taoism can help navigate the complex decision making and judgement involved for every project manager. It is unfortunate that philosophy has not been made integral to fields like engineering, business etc. This book beautifully ties philosophy with project management and the lessons are very valuable even if you are not a project manager. Having an entrepreneurial mindset coupled with the frameworks established under aforementioned philosophies will help establish a powerful tool to handle any situation.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The chapter contents of the book flow in an efficient manner. It starts off by describing the traditional mindset of every project manager and an organization. It highlights the wasteful efforts which managers tend to make in the real world. The examples chosen to explain are not limited to organization, but also to sports etc. which make the reading more engaging. How do you challenge the status quo, the “best practices” that don’t remain the best if not revisited often, the mental techniques on how to frame and redirect thoughts effectively are discussed.

The organizational strategy section talks about how leadership qualities are essential to execute a business strategy and how leaders act as influencers for an organization. It talks about the common organizational mistakes and how to avoid them. How to perceive challenges as opportunities and how to go about exploiting them, how to freeze-thaw ones challenges, ask better questions and an engaging conversation are central to any project manager and this section hits the mark.

The optimistic pessimistic approach and the art of saying no, decisions making based on information, how to skim information, communicate with the team are discussed with various frameworks throughout the rest of the book.


Stoicism: The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

This is a very profound quote that summarizes any life struggle. We need to acknowledge any problem in life and such problems should motivate one to move forward and create a new path. This will teach you to embrace problems that any entrepreneur will encounter. In a project manager’s role, obstacles are encountered every day. If you accept the problem and take necessary actions despite setbacks, this opens up a whole new perspective on being successful.


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About the Reviewer

Rohit Tammana

Texas, USA


Rohit Tammana
is a senior lead project manager specializing in business strategic development and execution, new product introduction, project financials and P&L oversight. He has successfully planned, launched and managed several new products, and led highly effective R&D teams. He has also spearheaded various operational improvements to drive productivity, reduce costs and improve operational ratios and has a track record of providing client-centric services with deep knowledge of firm’s strengths and capabilities. Rohit has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a MBA in Information and Operation Management. Email address: [email protected]


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