Enterprise Project Portfolio Management


enterprise-project-profolio-managementBook Title:  Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Authors:  Richard M. Bayney, Ph.D./Ram Chakravarti
Publisher:  J. Ross Publishing
List Price: US$69.95

Format:  Hardcover, 356 pages
Publication Date: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-60427-060-0

Reviewer: Johnny Gan, PMP

Review Date: January 2013

Introduction to the Book

“To be successful, we need to do more with less”.

When you read this book titled, Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM), you may think it’s really big topic to discuss. Richard and Ram, the book authors have put forth a rational and systematic approach to make it simple from the deep content of this topic. A framework like “CREOPMTM”, which is described in much detail in this book, helps get the people side right by surfacing the best projects practically.

Whether you are running a business or a project, your simple goal is making value, or you say “Value Creation”, in a more popular term from business school. You always set up ongoing strategic and financial goals to make value, but you always find all these goals become harder and harder to accomplish under constrained resource conditions. Many times, you think you are lost, and don’t know where your organization is heading. Then I think it’s a good time to introduce portfolio management into your organization’s DNA, and this book is really a good introduction book you may like.

It is difficult to find an industry or organization that has not been impacted by the effects of globalization, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, cost cutting, and change management. In the past few decades, many large companies are going downhill, not because they do not have any chance in their market, instead, they have too many opportunities to keep them distracted. Therefore how to build up effective EPPM system, how to find out the priority from these market opportunities, how to catch them to become your new value creation? All these questions will push you to read this book, and to find out the right answer from this book.

Overview of Book’s Structure

This book is organized into four sections with four accompanying appendices.

Section 1: Introduction to Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM)

This section introduces basic concepts of EPPM.

Section 2: Prerequisites for EPPM

In this section, you will learn some key concepts: like Strategic Planning, Decision Framing and Data Integrity. 

Section 3: CREOPMTM : A framework for EPPM

This section is core part of the whole book. It discussed how to do the best practice in Portfolio Management step by step: 


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