Engineers’ job satisfaction within projects developed by the international construction industry in MENA region


Dr. Charalambos Louca

Associate Professor

American College, Cyprus

Dr. Dimitrios P. Kamsaris,

Professor of Organizational Behavior

UGSM Business School, Switzerland

Stefanos Kougoulos,

Lecturer of Project Management

Bilston Community College, UK

Cyprus, Greece and UK


The aim of the present paper is to assess the engineers’ job satisfaction within projects developed by the international construction industry in the MENA region. Based on the existing literature, the determinants of job satisfaction chosen to be assessed are job security, job recognition, career development perspectives, compensation and benefits, working environment, working conditions and opportunities for training and personal development. A representative sample of hundred engineers from the construction industry was chosen. A semi-structured questionnaire was developed and used by the researchers. The data analysis has shown that the level of engineers’ job satisfaction in the industry is at high levels.

Keywords: Employees’ job satisfaction; Construction Industry; MENA region.  

1. Introduction

Academics underline that the most successful organizations are the ones that take into consideration the employees’ job satisfaction (Henning, 2010). Seta et al. (2000), underlines that for the organizations employees are valued assets to be appreciated and that  committed employees are high performers who show feelings of high job satisfaction than those who are not.  Thomson (1993) advices managers to investigate why some employees are very productive and are committed to their job while others are not. Today, job satisfaction can be more important than ever Frazer (2005). Besides all, also legal compliance makes organizations more responsible toward their employees, employees feel more secure and as a result performance increases (Schuler, 1995). From what is said above we may conclude that assessing employees’ job satisfaction contributes to identifying the level of employees’ job satisfaction in an organization. Thus identifying and assessing the determinants of job satisfaction in a given organization or industry can help identify and rank the factors that contribute to the development of employees’ job satisfaction.

This present paper focuses on giving engineers’ job satisfaction in the construction projects of the international construction industry activated in the MENA region.


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About the Authors

charalambos-loucacyprus-mapDr. Charalambos Louca


Dr. Charalambos N. Louca is the Head of the Business Department and Director of Research at the American College, Nicosia, Cyprus.   He has been the research coordinator for carrying out the grant research projects financed by the Research Promotion Foundation in Cyprus, “Reforming the Social Insurance System in Cyprus” and “Reforming the Public Pension Scheme in Cyprus”.   He has gained an in depth experience in the fields of public economics, management and pension reforms.

e-mail: [email protected]

dimitrios-kamsarisswitzerland-mapDr. Dimitrios P. Kamsaris


Dr.Dimitrios P. Kamsaris is a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Monarch UGSM Business School in Switzerland and Visiting Professor of Management at Business Schools in France, UK, Denmark, Cyprus, and Greece. Dr.Kamsaris has completed postdoctoral education at Harvard University. He held CEO and managerial positions in Coca-Cola, Sherwin Williams, Athens 2004, Shell and D Constructions.  Today, he serves as a member of Board of Directors and management consultant in commercial and construction firms.  Furthermore, he trains public & private sector executives in the U.K., Denmark, Cyprus and Greece. Recently, he trained Pakistan Top Governmental Directors in UK.  He is published in business and academic journals and is a chartered member of the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association.  e-mail: [email protected]

stefanos-kougoulosswitzerland-mapStefanos Kougoulos


Mr. Stefanos Kougoulos is a Lecturer at the Bilston Community College in the U.K while he is pursuing his Doctorate in Project Management at Monarch UGSM Business School in Switzerland.  He has extensive experience as a procurement engineer. His main responsibility is within the purchasing and investment department of the major oil seeds processing industry and maritime company in Greece, since 2006.   In the past, he has collaborated with technical naval bureau as a surveyor and drawing engineer. Mr. Stefanos Kougkoulos holds a Master of Science degree in Construction Project Management from Heriot Watt University, as well as a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his postgraduate thesis he conducted a research on the way the Project Success Factors Affect the Residential Construction Projects in Greece.  e-mail: [email protected]