Effective PM and BA Role Collaboration Effective PM and BA Role Collaboration


pmwj42-Jan2016-Wright-BOOKBook Title:   Effective PM and BA Role Collaboration
Author: Ori Schibi and Cheryl Lee
Publisher: J. Ross Publishing
List Price:   $54.95
Format: Hardcover 366 pages
Publication Date:   2015    
ISBN: 13; 978-1-60427-113-3
Reviewer:     Chris Wright
Review Date: Dec/2015



People above a certain age will remember a series of commercials about two great tastes that go great together. While chocolate and peanut butter may be a wonderful mix, it’s important to do more than just mix them together. Likewise, a Project Manager and a Business Analyst would seem to be an excellent pairing for a project, but it’s important to work out how they should be mixed.

This book provides an excellent cookbook, a template for best practices when a Project Manager and a Business Analyst work together on a project. The recent development of the Professional in Business Analysis certification by PMI suggests a strong need for this exact book.

Overview of Book’s Structure

In an attempt to cover everything, the book actually works like a cookbook. The beginning is about the challenges of BA and PM working together, some of the common missteps and misconceptions. Then the book discusses the tools that each brings to the tasks at hand, and then spends several chapters on specific examples and interactions.

As the authors put it, “Achieving project success through a more effective collaboration between the PM and the BA comes in many forms, and this book has the recipe for any combination of needs.”

The main objective for this book would be to assist in building up best practices and concepts for over-arching projects as well as the day-to-day realities of BAs and PMs working together. Important ingredients for success are the touch points of their roles, the areas of overlaps, shared responsibilities and gaps.


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During his time at Brainspace, a pioneer in machine learning technology that extracts meaning from unstructured text, Chris Wright has worn many hats – project manager, QA, documentation and lead customer support. He also teaches communication, leadership and personal development to grade school and high school children on Saturdays with thinkandspeakup.com.

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