Don’t Say ‘YES’ NEGOTIATE! A Quick Reference to Better Negotiations, First Edition


 dont-say-yes-negotiateBook Title:  Don’t Say ‘YES’ NEGOTIATE! A Quick Reference to Better Negotiations, First Edition

Author:  Richard Devin

Publisher:  Multi-Media Publications Inc.

List Price:   US$ 29.95

Format:  soft cover; 128 pages

Publication Date:   2011

ISBN: 9781554891078

Reviewer:      David Lamb

Review Date:              November, 2012


Introduction to the Book

Everyone negotiates.  How can one do it better?  Use a methodology?  Use common sense?  Give up?

This book moves the reader from being acted upon to being an actor in the negotiation play.  The motivation is to move from wanting to be liked to wanting to succeed.  Devin’s book presents a series of negotiation strategies and tactics.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Don’t say ‘Yes’ – Negotiate begins with “Think Before You Speak” and works through another 32 brief, but effective, chapters leading the reader through a survey of negotiation strategies.

Think Before You Speak – Shut up.  Listen.  Think.  Then, respond.  It seems so simple and obvious.  So why don’t we do it.  Devin points out that “we like to talk, and we especially like to talk when someone is willing to listen.”  But as he next points out, the someone listening usually will not have your best interest at heart.

Ensuing chapters include: Ask;  Asking for Something You Don’t Want; Ask, Don’t Tell; and on.  I won’t remove the mystery or surprise or joy the reader will have discovering Devin’s path to more successful negotiations, but I do want to partially divulge portions that particularly caught my eye and mind.

Highlights: What I liked!

The chapter “Ask” is a tour de force describing the most basic point in negotiations.  One never gets if one never asks.  Devin discusses how to rephrase the question to elicit more information from the other side.  Then ask again with another twist, always working to learn.  After asking, then listen.  Do not get distracted by pondering about your own next question.  If you ask and are not paying attention, all advantage will be lost.


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About the Reviewer

david-lambflag-usaDavid Lamb

David Lamb has been involved with software development for his adult career and in software project management for a dozen years.  A graduate of Texas A&M in Physics and Statistics.  An avid kayaker and canoe instructor who enjoys river beautification.

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