Doing the Right Projects vs. Doing Projects Right



By Mark Upson

President of Changepoint




Admittedly, the title makes it sound like you should have to choose between “doing the right projects” and “doing projects right.” Probably because that was the case at one time — cost-effectively mastering both wasn’t an option with manual processes and a lack of technology.

But today, technology has made it possible so that virtually nothing has to happen manually. We don’t even have to set our own house alarms (there’s an app for that); we can charge our cars using the same outlet for powering a lightbulb; our phones are mini computers—the same kind of technology that used to fill an entire room.

The evolution of technology today is unprecedented, and tied to it is the speed at which today’s business has to function in order to keep up. It’s all relative. And that’s great news for us.

It means what once may have been considered an “either-or”—doing the right projects vs. doing projects right—isn’t. With the right solutions in place, that opposition is eliminated, making it possible to do the right projects right.

Getting from “right projects” to “projects right”

The dream of any enterprise-level project management office (PMO) is to align strategy (doing the right projects) and execution (doing projects right) to effectively manage that pesky inevitable: Change.

But without the right solution, it’s impossible to get the real-time insight needed to adjust course—especially if done manually (which is why you might’ve thought this was going to be an either-or exercise).

Managing portfolios, projects, and programs involves juggling a lot of moving pieces and parts. Even today with some technology, it’s challenging for an organization of any size to get a grip on everything that’s in motion—making it difficult for executives to define corporate strategy, and for teams to execute according to that strategy.

In all of my years in the industry, I’ve never once heard a company say they have this strategy and execution thing “mastered.” That’s because it’s a living, breathing thing that can’t be mastered, but it can be managed with the right tools and technologies in place.


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Mark Upson

President of Changepoint


Mark Upson
joined Changepoint as President in January 2015 and is responsible for the company’s global business strategy and operations. Mark is a seasoned veteran in the B2B software industry, most recently serving as General Manager of Scout® for ServiceSource (NASDAQ:SREV). Mark was co-founder, President, and CEO of Scout Analytics, a leader in customer success management, prior to the company’s successful acquisition by ServiceSource in 2014. Prior to Scout Analytics, Mark was President & CEO of PureEdge Solutions and grew that company to a leadership position in the business process automation space, culminating in its strategic acquisition by IBM in 2005. For more information about Changepoint, visit: http://www.changepoint.com/.