Doing Business in China: Getting Ready for the Asian Century


doing-business-in-chinaBook Title:  Doing Business in China: Getting Ready for the Asian Century

Author:  Jane Menzies, Mona Chung, Stuart Orr

Publisher:  Business Expert Press

List Price:   US$29.95

Format:  soft cover; 230 pages

Publication Date:   2012

ISBN: 978-1-60649-344-1

Reviewer:      Conrado Morlan, PgMP, PMP

Review Date:              March, 2013

Introduction to the Book

The book has a specific focus on Australian companies doing business in China but provides a framework that can be reused for companies with Anglo-Saxon culture trying to penetrate the Chinese market. The reader’s cultural factor will play an interesting role while reading this book and most likely you will find differences on how the Australians and Chinese do business compared with your own culture.

China’s economic growth and turning into a global economy had been appealing to other countries in the world that are looking for ways to internationalize to China. The book reviews experiences of several Australian companies and how those companies faced challenges in communication, corruption, legal practices, regulations and establishing and operating a company among others and how those challenges were approached.

The book provides good insights about Chinese culture that would be useful for project managers that may have team members from China in their project team. Culture, in particular national culture, is an element that always plays a big role in project teams. Thus, project managers need to be familiar to understand the values and behaviors of every culture’s team member.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is organized in ten chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the reader in the content of the book. Chapter 2 explores the trade and investment climate in China. Chapter 3 will help the reader to understand deeply the cultural values associated with “doing business” in China. Chapter 4 is devoted to the political system. Chapter 5 and 6 walk the reader thru the legal and intellectual property framework in China. Chapter 7 shares the experiences of the Australian companies. Chapter 8 describes the entry modes used by the Australian companies. Chapter 9 discusses the issues about human resources in China and Chapter 10 concludes the book with a summary and key findings.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book

It is a great resource for companies looking to do business in China.  The details of cultural values associated with “doing business” in China apply to business people as well as project managers.  The unknown “Talent War’ and scarcity of skilled talent.  


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About the Reviewer

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Mr. Morlan was one of the first individuals to achieve the PgMP credential in Latin America and was the recipient of the PMI 2011 Distinguished Contribution Award for his activities and influence in championing Project Management to Spanish-speaking practitioners and organizations.

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