Prof. Sergey D. Bushuyev

Ukrainian Project Management Assosiation “Ukrnet (UPMA)”,

Kyiv, Ukraine

Volodymyr V. Medintsov

SSE Chernobyl NPP,

Zone of alienation of the Chernobyl NPP, Ukraine

With stopping at 2000 of power units of Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP) problems of Chornobyl did not finished, they only had entered into a new no less responsible phase. Without experience in area of removal from exploitation of nuclear energy objects and building of objects similar to erected above an object ” Shelter” to protective building, without the project of removal from exploitation of ChNPP, that under right had ratified 5years  before the stop of the Plant, without the fund of financing of removal from exploitation of power units, ChNPP collective fulfills obligations taken by Ukraine before the world community on elimination of consequences of nuclear catastrophe of 1986. This activity demanded reorganization of organization, revision of basic functions and tasks, mastering of new, earlier not demanded on the ChNPP, fields of knowledge. The Project Management methodology became one of theoretical bases of diversification of activity of the Ch NPP.

Key words: diversification, unique experience, management of knowledge, innovations, project-oriented business management, Project management methodology, benchmarking

On June 12-14, 2013 on construction site of object “Shelter” of the ChNPP the next (second) lifting of east section of the New Safe Confinement (further NSC), Arch is executed, then its general height reached 85 meters. It is one of six planned operations of lifting of large metalwork of NSC (3 lifting on each of Arch sections: east and western).


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About the Authors

pmwj15-oct2013-bushuyev-AUTHOR IMAGE 1flag-ukraineDr. Sergey D. Bushuyev, PhD

Professor & Head of Project Management Department
Kiev National University of Construction & Architecture

Ukrainian Project Management Assosiation “Ukrnet (UPMA)”,

Kyiv, Ukraine 

Sergey Bushuyev, PhD, Dr. Sc., is Professor at Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) in Kiev, Ukraine.  Specializing in Strategic Project Management and Organizational Development, he is Head of the Department of Project management at KNUCA and founder and President of the Ukrainian Project Management Association (www.UPMA.Kiev.ua).He is also founder of the Project management Academy in Ukraine (1999).He studied at Kyiv Engineering-Construction Institute, faculty of Automation and Information Technology (1970), PhD (1973), Dr.Sc. (1986), Professor (1988), and honorary Scientist and Technician of Ukraine (2003).

He served as Founder and President of the Ukrainian Project Management Association (UPMA) (1993); active member of the New York Academy of Sciences (1996); Head of Project Management Department (1997); Adjunct Professorat University of Technology Sydney, Australia (2002); visiting Professor at ESC Lille, France (2003); Member of Certification Validation Management Board of the International Project Management Association – IPMA (1997); Ukrainian Academy of Sciences – Active member (2003);  and St. Petersburg Academy of Engineering Science (Russia, 1998) – Active member. Dr. Bushuyev has published more than 200 scientific books and articles.

He is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Project Management published by IPMA, and for several other national and international Journals. He has read lectures and taught courses in Germany-Bremen University, USA-Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, Slovakia-Bratislava Technical University, UK-Strasclaide University of Glasgow, Sweden – Total Quality Management program, Austria- Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Spain-Lograno University, Poland University of Business Administration, and BrnoUniversity in the CzechRepublic.  He is the author of Project management National Competence Baseline NCB (Ukraine, in Russian, 2006); Glossary of Project Management. (Dilova, Ukraine, UPMA, in Ukrainian, 2001);Dynamic Leadership in Project Management (Dilova, Ukraine, UPMA, in Russian, 2000);Investment Instrument of Project Management (UPMA, in Russian, 1998); and ProjectProcurement (UPMA, in Russian, 1999).

Since 1975, Dr. Bushuyev has prepared 20 candidates for Science (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Science in Development Information Management Systems and Project Management. Since 1996 he has been responsible for preparing more than 600 candidates for Masters of Science degrees in Project Management.  The recipient of an Award for best professor of Ukraine in 1987, Professor Bushuyev can be contacted at [email protected]

pmwj15-oct2013-bushuyev-AUTHOR IMAGE 2flag-ukraineVolodymyr V. Medintsov

Kyiv, Ukraine

Volodymyr V. Medintsov is a project and program manager with more than 25 years of active involvement in the liquidation of consequences from the accident at the fourth unit Chernobyl NPP of 1986, 11 years decommissioning 3-units ChNPP and diversification activities development strategy NPP the defines acquired competences. He has successfully organized and coordinated power plant personnel training, and the practical application of methods and tools of project management for medium and large-sized organisations.

His experience includes Deputy Project Manager for Dismantling, Staff Development and Tranisiton, Shelter Implementation Plan, Project Management Unit, Slavutich (SIP PMU), ChNPP, Slavutich, Kiev region, Ukraine, December 2008 to present;  Head, Deputy Head and Department Head, Training Centre, ChNPP, Slavutich, Kiev region, Ukraine, March 1998 – December 2008; and Shift Supervisor, Shift Senior Mechanical Engineer, Operator, Rector Operations Department, ChNPP, Slavutich, Kiev region, Ukraine, September 1987 – March 1998.  During those years, he held increasingly senior level of project management responsibilities on various large projects.

Volodymyr holds a Masters Degreee in Mounting and development equipment for Nuclear Power Plant, Novocherkask Polytechnic Insitute, Volgodonsk, Russia and a Magister Degree in Project and Program Management, Kiev National University of Building and Architecture, Kiev, Ukraine.  Certifications include: Certified lead project manager, Level B, IPMA (local UPMA); Certified Project Management Consultant, IPMA (local UPMA) PMC; Pioneering P2M Strategy and Program Management Certificate, Intermediate level of P2M competency, PMAJ + UPMA; Six Sigma Yellow Belt for Leader, Bureau Veritas. He is a member of the Ukrainian Project Management Association.