On Disruptive Political Events


On the subject of the December 2016 Editorial on “The Potential Impact of Disruptive Political Events..”

30 December 2016

Thank you, David. Most interesting!

However, you wrote “Regardless of our personal political opinions (or votes), we need to factor significant potentially- disruptive political events (and changes), including state and local political changes, into our program and project risk planning.”

My view is that such an admonition needs to be qualified.

For example, many of the issues you raise are inevitable political events the impacts of which are unanswerable. I believe that these are beyond the purview of the project manager, at the project level, especially for any project under one year’s duration. That is, unless the event is conceivable within a few months. Even then, the project manager’s job is to push on according to plan until that plan is changed.

Changed by whom is the issue. I believe that for the sort of changes you have highlighted are the responsibility of the corporate overseers of the governance of the project(s) in question. In other words – much higher up the ladder.

Indeed, the questions are better suited to a friendly discussion over a pint at the local bar.

Happy holidays and looking forward to a bright and improved political environment in the New Year, 2017.

Max Wideman
Ontario, Canada