Disruption and the New Project Management Paradigm

By Donald R. Hammons, MBA



The injection of cloud computing models, rapid application development lifecycles and businesses’ need to drive velocity and value will disrupt traditional project management delivery models in favor of rapid paced delivery, agile development and a new skillset demand for 21st Century Project Management professionals”

Why the Shift?

During the Information Technology (IT) and internet boom of the 1990’s, many technical professionals moved their career into the project management field.  With standards-based best practices driven by organizations such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) and other organizations and with an early left-to-right ‘engineering’ focused methodology, PM’s found high paying positions with the associated professional albeit academic framework available to drive success.  The view was that educated PMs could find career trajectory and success by mastering the ‘known’ set of best practices associated with traditional thinking within the project management profession by leveraging such competencies as schedule management, risk management, budget management, scope management, etc.

While this was certainly true from a career perspective, most PMs would perhaps agree that this ‘commodity’ based approach to project management did not always drive either career success, higher salaries or more importantly, project delivery success in the eyes of project sponsors.

As the field of project management has matured with new entrants into the field, the ‘commodity-based’ approach to project management has also served to drive ‘down’ the entry-level and experienced salary levels of many PMs (particularly contractors) as the field became flooded with certification providers and PM applicants – often making it difficult for hiring firms to differentiate between those who looked like solid PMs on paper but who once onboarded would not be able to necessarily drive project delivery success due to organization challenges with project delivery or lack of ‘real life’ project expertise on the part of PM practitioners. This combined with national economic downturns created challenges for many in the profession where the availability of high-salary level positions is concerned.


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About the Author

Donald R. Hammons, MBA

Donald R Hammons began his career in the US Navy Telecommunications field and has spent the past 20 years delivering successful IT and Cloud project engagements for enterprise clients in North America and Asia-Pacific.  His clients have included Lucent Technologies, Deutsche Bank AG, Alcatel SA of France, Appirio Inc. and Dr Pepper Snapple Group.  Don is presently the CEO and Chairman of Majorca Group Consulting, LLC and is the Vice President for Client Solutions- Cloud/Mobility Verticals with Dibon Technologies, Inc.  Don holds a Master’s PM certification from the University of Texas at Dallas, a Bachelor of Science in Business Education from the University of Central Arkansas and an MS/MBA graduate degree from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Don is a prior National Management Association (NMA) Chapter Manager of the Year.  He can be contacted at [email protected].