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Book Title:    Digital Resilience: Is Your Company Ready for the Next Cyber Threat?
Author:  Ray A Rothrock
Publisher:  AMACOM
List Price:   US$29.95
Format:  Hardcover, 256 pages
Publication Date:   2018 
ISBN: 978-0-8144-3924-1
Reviewer:     Jennifer Arroyo, PMP
Review Date:   May 2018




The new reality of cyber security is that cyberattacks are an imminent threat to all digital networks. How serious is the threat?  We learn about all manner of cyberattacks daily from the news, from work, and from social media. On May 23, 2018 CNBC News reported – “Cisco’s Talos cyber intelligence unit said it has high confidence that the Russian government is behind the campaign, … The hacking software shares code with malware used in previous cyberattacks that the U.S. government has attributed to Moscow.”

Rothrock began the book by telling the story of 2013 attack against Target. 70 million customers became victims. Next came Equifax in 2017. Twice as many victims, 145.5 million Americans, were affected. The author provided insights gained from the attacks and utilized extensive cyber security related information to create frame works and action plans to enhance business’s resilience against cyberattacks.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The detailed key features delivered by this book in each chapter include:

Chapter 1 Intensively Networked

– Why Resilience is the Only Rational Cybersecurity Choice?

Chapter 2 Hard to Break

– Resilience: A winning Strategy in a Losing War

Chapter 3 The Nature of Networks

– Knowledge: The First Step Toward Digital Resilience

Chapter 4 Digitally Bound

– Getting the C-Suite and Board Up to Speed on Digital Resilience

Chapter 5 Portrait and Landscape

– Achieving Resilience in Our Fragile Digital Environment

Chapter 6 The Measure of Resilience

– Assessing and Improving Your Digital Resilience

Chapter 7 Resilient Response

– Making Resilience a Whole-Business, Whole-Nation, Whole-World Issue

Chapter 8 Achieving Digital Resilience

– A Top-Down Guide


Warren Buffett said recently that he sees cyberattacks as “the number one problem with mankind”.

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly complex and malicious in scale.  Every entity links to the vast network of cyber world must have digital resiliency to survive.

In this non-technical book for business leaders, management and anyone interested in learning more about cyber risks, Ray Rothrock explains why digital resiliency is the key to survival for everyone digitally connected. The book is packed with high-profile real life cyberattacks in recent years and Rothrock’s takes on what went wrong and how to identify and operate a cyber security program effectively and cost-effectively.


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About the Reviewer

Jennifer Arroyo, PMP

Texas, USA




Jennifer Arroyo, MBA, PMP, Realtor®received her M.B.A. degree in Marketing from State University of New York at Albany.  Jennifer joined PMI’s Dallas Chapter in 2015.

Ms. Arroyo has more than 10 years of project management experience in the Multi-unit retail business, Multi-unit residential investment, and Financial Services industries. She works as an Associate Broker, affiliated with Keller Williams Realty, specialized in Residential | Commercial & Investment entrepreneurship PPM in Dallas TX.  With her diverse international and industry-specific PM leadership experiences, Ms. Arroyo is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business clients achieve branding goals and ROI Growth.

Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, had the most firms on the REAL trends 500, according to the annual ranking and reporting published by REAL Trends, Inc.  Founded in 1983, it grew from a single office in Austin to approximately 700 offices and as of Nov. 2016 with over 150,000 associates worldwide. It’s an Inc.5000 company and has been recognized as one of the highest rated real estate companies by numerous publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes.  The franchise, collectively, handled more than $178 billion in sales, up 27%, and 645,000 transactions, up 21% over year 2016.

Jennifer volunteered and served as supporting Book Review Coordinator of the professional development and social media marketing initiative. She also facilitates the Early Childhood Bilingual gogosmartmom e-Learning program designed for Homeschooling Moms originating in Taiwan, Republic of China.

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