Determinants of Project Success in Multicultural Environment: A Project Team’s Perspective


Hareshchandra Thakur, PMP

Associate Vice President, Project Management,
Energy Solutions, Wärtsilä India Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai, India



Today, with the global boundaries diffusing, working with the team members across the globe is norm of the day and definitely working with people with different backgrounds, different cultures and opinions poses challenges of a different kind. We need to appreciate that soft skills have harder impact on the end results and dovetail their working styles by integrating leadership qualities. Furthermore, dynamic and uncertain environments call for a renewed approach for executing projects at a global level.

Conventionally, project execution strategies have evolved around the project objectives of the performing organisation and the client. Today, Project Success transcends beyond evaluating the performance based on traditional Key Performance Indices (KPI) – Cost, Quality & Time and requires focusing on multifaceted stakeholder perspectives incl. their feelings & emotions. We need to recognize the fact that Stakeholders’ feelings & emotions are at interplay and govern the projects outcome.

Shift in the strategy and working with higher level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) has led to emergence of “Project Leaders”. Working with higher EI, integrating Change Leadership with project management processes & methodology and adopting traffic light approach: Pause ⇒ Reflect ⇒ Respond as against “Fight, Flight or Freeze” reaction have helped in effectively managing the operational challenges of executing multiple projects at a global level.

Purpose driven strategy and using emotions as a barometer to gauge stakeholders (SHs) satisfaction level has further enhanced the working relationships and contributed to higher efficiency and effectiveness.

End result – Engagement and enhancement of Stakeholders satisfaction.


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About the Author

Hareshchandra ThakurHareshchandra M Thakur

Mumbai, India



Hareshchandra M Thakur
is a professional in the Power Sector with over 30 years’ experience in setting up of multiple Power Plants in Nuclear, Oil & Gas sectors in India and abroad. Presently, he is working as Associate Vice President, Project Management, Energy Solutions with Wartsila India Pvt. Ltd. Hareshchandra has held various positions in Financial Management and Project Management with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., Wartsila Finland Oy and Wartsila India Pvt. Ltd.

He has closely worked with cross functional and cross cultural teams and has vast international exposure in key areas – Project Management, Strategic Financial Management, Contract Management and Resource Management, Competence building, Formulation of Business Strategies and Establishing way of working for Indian & global projects. He is a Certified NLP Practitioner and has been visiting various Engineering and Management institutions as a guest lecturer. He has made presentations at IPMA World Congress at Helsinki, Istanbul & Crete and Global Symposiums on Project Management in New Delhi.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from College of Engineering, University of Poona and a Master’s degree in Financial Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, University of Mumbai. He has obtained PMP Certification in April 2002. He lives in Mumbai, India and can be contacted at [email protected].