Cultural Impacts on Managing Social Projects


By Ahmad Khodaverdi Darian, PhD

Tehran, Iran


Culture is one of the most important factors in all projects. Social projects are special projects about cultural views and beliefs of people and their environment. Human factor has the most important effect in projects about socialization. It also is affected by cultural views of participants.

Cultural beliefs are very sensitive and have special effect on social projects. It can cause success or failure of projects dealing with social affairs. Cultural views are critical points in planning social projects, the participants of which are people from different cultures. There- fore, management in the implementation of such projects is very critical.

Key Words: Social projects, cultural views, change of behaviors, cultural diversity, level of knowledge, project integrity.


Culture is one of the most important factors in all projects. Social projects are special projects about interaction cultural views and beliefs of people and environment.

Social projects directly depend on cultural phenomenon. Cultural beliefs are very sensitive; therefore, attentiveness and keen observation are required in dealing with cultural views of people participating in projects about socialization.

One of the most important factors in social projects is the human factor. Every single person participating in a social project will have its own humanity effect for his (her) cultural beliefs.

Cultural views of each person have mutual effects on other’s view, and ideas with stronger cultural beliefs dominate subcultures. Managing projects with social subjects needs a strong view on cultural beliefs of stakeholders.

This article is to introduce some of the points experienced in a project about social subjects. Engineering such projects require especial analysis of cultural views to achieve the defined goal(s) and objectives.


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About the Author

pmwj14-sep2013-darian- AUTHOR IMAGEflag-tehranAhmad Khodaverdi Darian

Tehran, Iran

Ahmad Khodaverdi Darian, PhD is a project engineer, educator and consultant working in Tehran. His experience includes electronic technician and technical manager in the aircraft industry, planning & programming senior specialist, EDP director for civil registration and public organizations, and a management information consultant for public institutions in Iran.  He has published three books and numerous articles, papers and reports on MIS and social program topics.  He also has teaching and consulting experience.  He has a BS in English Language and Literature from Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran and an MS in Social Sciences from Tehran University, and a PhD in Project Engineering from Bircham International University, USA.  He can be contacted at daria[email protected].