Contract Lifespan Management

for Data Processing Projects



By Mamtha Manoharan

SKEMA Business School

Paris, France



Data processing projects has more impacts has technology became  easy to every common individual, every one of us has the experience of providing our personal information to any of domain in ways to get some befits of outputs,  all these information in detail will be discussed in analyzing article below where this paper will help you to have an clear picture how data in processing hub are treated in different terms with particular agreement between customer, who provides information to data processing system or hub handle this data processing system, where this paper helps everyone getting awareness that how to provide data to processing hub with full involvement to the entire project so that data can be managed in secure cycle at process of data and even after the processed out in this shade this paper will take you in to the analysis that concludes whether data provided are managed to be in secure cycle, how long it’s secure any new terms in agreement can be implemented make the agreement more effective to make the data in secure stage even after the termination of agreement followed in data processing project, it will also help customer and data processor to understand their responsibilities rather common responsibilities in managing the data in secure stage as security issues lack on information technology built it’s methodology.

Keywords: Contract lifecycle management, DPA – Data Processing Agreement, processing of data, Transferring of data, limitation in data processing. Act of DPA.


Data processing refers to the process of operations or an organized collection of facts and information, such as records on organization, customers or an individual, the forms of data processing set serve many of business settling where they are specifically adapted for Administrative, Commercial, financial, Managerial and supervisory, to process commercial data such as stock control, payroll production, keeping track of orders, producing Invoices, monitoring payments and withdrawal, processing application forms.

As technology grows data are processed and monitored by the computer system as electronic data processing (EDP). Where the data processing cycle is of three stages as

  • Process, collect and enter the data.
  • Process and store the data.
  • Then output the information.

There is a vast growth to a technology simultaneously there is a security issues and major problems lacks to the technology, here considering data processing are a few question arising: Is any third part uses our data , who process the data, who has rights to process the data and how rights are down by other parties to process on data to all this minor questions there is contractual term has been followed by numerous data processing solution and companies who deals a big technology on a business hub of processing data where there is one contractual term exist between data processing framework system that is Data Processing Agreement (DPA) where this DPA is signed between data provider (customer) and data exporter that is controller to data processor, controller is one who instructs the data processor on processing the data, which data has to be processed and transferred on the basis of agreement terms signed between the provider and data controller, controller has the responsibility on access to the data within in the control limitation and processor is responsibility for transferring the data across the cloud in information technology and make sure the access of other third party only to the relevant information rather than all information provided by the customer.

  1. Problem Definition

Where system of data contains most of personal information on individual, increases significant

disadvantages in balance of self and data system. The user gives personal information for record keeping system in purpose to exchange some rights, liberty, privilege, benefit assurance of civil liberty and opportunity and the user expectation are that information will be used for purpose or need for what they provided, certainly not in a way to detriment as they are not excepted to be annoyed, pressured or harmed by the information provided, in this situation to be aware on data or information provided should be properly authenticated towards privacy and security issues, this article helps to analysis termination of data processing agreements and lifetime of data processed under agreements, where this analysis helps to conclude:

Whether data processed under the cycle are managed to be secure even after termination of agreement?


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Editor’s note: Student papers are authored by graduate or undergraduate students based on coursework at accredited universities or training programs.  This paper was prepared as a deliverable for the course “International Contract Management” facilitated by Dr Paul D. Giammalvo of PT Mitratata Citragraha, Jakarta, Indonesia as an Adjunct Professor under contract to SKEMA Business School for the program Master of Science in Project and Programme Management and Business Development.  http://www.skema.edu/programmes/masters-of-science. For more information on this global program (Lille and Paris in France; Belo Horizonte in Brazil), contact Dr Paul Gardiner, Global Programme Director [email protected].

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About the Author

Mamtha Manoharan

Paris, France



Mamtha Manoharan is a student of MSC. Project & Programme Management and Business Development from AACSB accredit SKEMA Business School, Paris. With nearly 7 years of work experience in Information technology and Customer management, Miss. Manoharan has experience in private sector. She has a Master’s Degree in Software and Informatic Engineering, and worked in IT corporate with various projects leading a team. She has many excellence performance awards under his belt from his previous employers. She resolved technical issues for EMC customers and practices techniques on project management to be in advanced professional level to reliable projects.  Mamtha can be contacted at [email protected].