Commercial Project Management



Book Title: Commercial Project Management: A Guide for Selling and Delivering Professional Services
Author:  Robin Hornby

Publisher:  Routledge
List Price:  $55.00
Format:  Paperback, 250 pages
Publication Date:   2017
ISBN: 978-1138237681
Reviewer: Tanner Trigg, PMP
Review Date: December 2018



Commercial Project Management dives deep into the concepts and ideas only slightly familiar to project managers across the globe. With the increase in outsourcing and the expectation that it will continue to increase, Hornby is able to share his knowledge from personal experience on how best to handle adding vendors to the equation. The book works us through different tactics and strategies useful in todays world of managing vendors for our projects. It focuses on the project managers view, allowing the perspective to be centered around product delivery and the insuring of a successful project.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The structure of this piece is unique in that Robin Hornby utilizes a plan of action before you begin diving into each chapter. It is discussed at the very beginning with chapter 1, the layout and overview of each chapter so that you have an idea of what you will be covering throughout the course of the book. The structure is as follows:

  • Chapter 1 – A summary of the guide
  • Chapter 2 – Introduction to the business of projects
  • Chapter 3 – Buyer and vendor integration
  • Chapter 4 – Evolution of a vendor lifecycle
  • Chapter 5 – Developing organization responsibilities
  • Chapter 6 – Risk as a guiding principle for management
  • Chapter 7 – Overcoming estimating anxieties
  • Chapter 8 – Solving the quality conundrum
  • Chapter 9 – Managing the resource pool
  • Chapter 10 – Finance matters
  • Chapter 11 – Building a successful services firm
  • Chapter 12 – Toward collaborative procurement of services

The flow of the chapters and sequence in which they come benefits the reader and their progressive learning. Each chapter picks up from the last one and flow directly into a new topic while relating to the ones you previously read. Small breaks in text are filled with visual aids that reinforce the material being read.


This book touches a number of different topics that engage the reader and encourages them to apply it to their own similar situations. The content is practical and applicable to what project managers are faced with today in terms of managing their projects and the vendors in which they outsource to.


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Tanner Trigg

Texas, USA



Tanner Trigg, PMP is a seasoned project management professional working in the technology industry, music industry, and business. A member of the Dallas Chapter of the Project Management Institute, he has been a PMP since March of 2018 and the Director of Volunteers for his chapter. Tanner can be contacted at [email protected]


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