Book Title:    Co-Create: Harnessing the Human Element in Project Management
Author:  Steve Martin
Publisher:  Business Expert Press
List Price:   $34.95
Format:  Soft cover, 123 pages
Publication Date:   2017
ISBN: 978-1-63157-627-0
Reviewer: Srinivas Jonnalagadda
Review Date: June 2018



Successfully moving a large organization forward is a complex task specifically if it is projectized. The day-to-day activities synchronize and generate commitment, clarity, and momentum magically steer a large organization to its strategic goals. The co-create model establishes a framework for slow agile transformation from which teams can flourish.

The model provides excellent project execution, change leadership by providing a roadmap, team member commitment which is secret to high performance, and create a value for all. The aforementioned framework contents are also pillars of SAFE Agile methodology. Members of projectized teams such as project managers, team leaders, organizational development coaches, and team members with focus on engagement and performance improvement can benefit from this short and concise book. I sincerely thank Steven Martin for excellent job of sharing his valuable experience and insight through this book.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book Co-Create: Harnessing the Human Element in Project Management reviews the co-create model. It starts with providing a case for co-create model’s usage in a large organization. The next four chapters provide big ideas used to generate team member engagement while describing day-to-day project journey which made the difference. The addendum chapter provides other co-create elements which help teams to successfully implement the model. The organizational readiness questions for successful transformation are also listed in the concluding chapter.


The core of the model illustrates the project journey and depicts the task, team and individual project changes and positive changes due to team member commitment. This model presents a conceptual understanding and method not currently found in the literature. This book provides chance for team members to learn about the human experience during the project life cycle paving way for an organizational agile mindset change.

Highlights: What I liked!

The Co-Create Harnessing the Human Element in Project Management book can be viewed as a short course in project life cycle techniques. The main idea of agile transformation focusing on group and individual day-to-day engagement is the attraction of this book.


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