Change Management Struggles in Post-Revolution Egypt


Rania Al-Maghraby, OPM3, PMP, ITIL

Management Consultant, OneWayForward Inc. 


It’s been relatively long, and taking a tragic turn. Economy is collapsing; negative shifts in the common Egyptian character; endless political debates and fights, … People, it’s all about “change management”.

Change management is one of the most subtle and tough areas. Implementing a new change, in any context, is not an easy task. The main source of difficulty is coming from the human factor; resistance to system and culture changes.

When it comes to change with the scope of a whole administration system, at the level of a high population and big responsibilities territory like Egypt, that change is unsurprisingly an example of the most difficult to manage. 

Projection of Change Management Tactics on the Local Landscape

From a management point of view, the following hints and guidelines can be drawn from the change management practices to find a way to rebalance the societal steering wheel:

  1. Purpose and Need for the Change: We know it already. This is why there has been a revolution in the first place. People are convinced (or at least most of them) that there was a need for change. How? In which direction? Change to what? Nobody really planned that spontaneous, genuine people act of revolution when it happened back in Jan. 2011; the root cause of the implementation struggle lies here. The change has already started and it’s unstoppable; it can only be managed and tamed.
  1. Appealing Factor in the Change: To pull people out of what they have used to do for tens of years is not of any ease. What is for me in it? Where are the benefits? Having already bought into the desire to change, people still however need to buy into the direction to which this change is being taken. The vision is opaque. Worry and uncertainty rates are high regarding what’s coming in the future. Nobody is expected to give support to the desired change under these conditions.


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About the Author 

Rania-Al-MaghrabyRania Al-Maghraby

Cairo, Egypt

Ms. Rania Al-Maghraby is an independent management consultant from Egypt. She is PMP® certified, ITIL® Foundation certified, MSc Computer Science, and a certified OPM3® Professional. Rania is the owner and general manager of the OneWayForward Inc. (www.OneWayForward.com), a sole proprietary consultation firm based in Egypt. She is a speaker at several professional events including PMI Global Congress and IPMA World Congress. She has published a number of papers and articles in wide spread international magazines, journals, conference proceedings, and authored books. Rania has contributed to professional development over years as a member in a number of committees and professional organizations. She has worked across local and international private sector companies, NPOs, and governmental organizations of various industries. Her interests include Project Management, Open Standards, Business Administration, and Academic Research. Personal Website: www.OneWayForward.info. She can be contacted at [email protected].