Change Management and Project Management Companies (PMCs)


Prof Dimitrios P. Kamsaris

Bilston Community College, UK

Stefanos Kougoulos

Lecturer, Project Management

Bilston Community College, UK

1.    Introduction

A company has to constantly increase the value of their products offered to clients in order to sustain their competitive advantage (Barney, 2008), as well as being profitable in order to exist (Kaka and Brown, 1998). All companies are affected by external environment such as the market, client, etc and the internal environment including the employees, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers etc. (Kelly and Bowles, 2006).

Research has been conducted in the link between planning effort and business performance where the conclusions ranged from informational (Rogers, Miller & Judge, 1999), to positive (Hill, Jones & Galvin, 2004). Mintzberg (1979) asks question of the usefulness of formal strategic planning systems as a means to improve company performance and argue that luck plays a critical role in determining competitive advantage.

The key research question is to investigate how change management affects the organization.

The purpose of the paper is practical and will be conducted in order to examine the factors affecting the company’s survival. In the second chapter of the study which is concerned with the literature review a bibliography research including books and up to day journals, will be carried out in which definitions and theories of change management. In the conclusion, the results that will be produced from the research and bibliography search will be developing. Afterwards, a list of references is indicated, including all books, up to date science papers and websites that were used in this assignment.

2.    Literature review

Change is what one has to learn to live with, to structure and to manage, and those that can deal with it will survive (Bainbridge, 1996).


For Lewin (1951) change is characterized as a state of imbalance between driving forces and restraining forces. Change is inherent in every framework and is a relative concept, so everything is subject to change (Wilson, 1992). That change exists is a predictable notion since the flows in recurring cycles that to at least some extent can be charted and therefore anticipated and managed, (Nadler & Nadler, 1998). 


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About the Authors

dimitrios-kamsarisDr. Dimitrios P. Kamsaris flag-greeceflag-uk

Birmingham, UK

Dr. Dimitrios P. Kamsaris is a Professor of Management and Chairman of Bilston Community College in Birmingham UK. He has been acting as a Visiting Professor at numerous Business Schools in France, UK, Denmark, Cyprus, and Greece. Dr. Kamsaris has completed postdoctoral education at Harvard University. He held CEO and managerial positions in Coca-Cola, Sherwin Williams, Olympic Games, Shell and D Constructions.  Today, he serves as a member of Board of Directors and management consultant.  Furthermore, he trains public & private sector executives in the U.K, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Denmark, Cyprus and Greece.  He has published in business and academic journals. e-mail: [email protected]

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stefanos-kougoulosStefanos Kougoulos flag-greeceflag-uk
Birmingham, UK

Mr. Stefanos Kougoulos is a Lecturer and Researcher in Project Management at Bilston Community College in the UK.  He has extensive experience as a procurement engineer. His main responsibility is within the purchasing and investment department of the major oil seeds processing industry and maritime company in Greece, since 2006.  In the past, he has collaborated with technical naval bureau as a surveyor and drawing engineer. Mr. Stefanos Kougkoulos holds a Master of Science degree in Construction Project Management from Heriot Watt University, as well as a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his postgraduate thesis he conducted a research on the way the Project Success Factors Affect the Residential Construction Projects in Greece.  e-mail: [email protected]

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