The Challenge of Infrastructure and Long Term Investment


Bob Prieto

Princeton, NJ, USA

In July of this year I had the opportunity to participate in a high level roundtable discussion in support of the Post-2015 development and climate change agendas of the United Nations. The focus of the panel discussion was to identify potential “moments” and “movements” that could represent game changing and enabling opportunities for implementation of each of these agendas. During our deliberations we identified long term investment in infrastructure and improvements to the infrastructure prioritization and delivery processes as a primary challenge and opportunity.

At one level this is readily understandable but at another level, the strength and importance of infrastructure to achieving these broad global agendas had never been so directly and strongly linked. This was made all the more important given the diversity of backgrounds represented in the discussion.

Through their deliberations the panel outlined a long term vision and roadmap for implementation including identification of a potential “grand challenge” to act as a centerpiece for a relevant “movement” in support of these development and climate change agendas.

It is essential to recognize the breadth of the context of these discussions and the charter of the panel which was specifically asked to consider:

  • Frameworks, prioritization
  • Cost recovery
  • Preparation, sequencing and efficient delivery
  • Instruments and mechanisms to stimulate blended finance/long term finance/institutional investor interest
  • Regulatory obstacles to long term finance
  • Establish regional institutional investor groups
  • Resilient, sustainable and productive infrastructure investments
  • Cities, key industrial sectors, key public goods
  • Long term vision and route maps for implementation

From their deliberations the panel identified an initial roadmap and some associated actions, challenges and opportunities that are described below. 


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About the Author

bob prietoBob Prietoflag-usa

Senior Vice President


Princeton, NJ, USA

Bob Prieto is a senior vice president of Fluor, one of the largest, publicly traded engineering and construction companies in the world. He focuses on the development and delivery of large, complex projects worldwide. Bob consults with owners of large engineering & construction capital construction programs across all market sectors in the development of programmatic delivery strategies encompassing planning, engineering, procurement, construction and financing. He is author of “Strategic Program Management”, “The Giga Factor: Program Management in the Engineering and Construction Industry” and “Application of Life Cycle Analysis in the Capital Assets Industry” published by the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) and “Topics in Strategic Program Management” as well as over 500 other papers and presentations.

Bob is a member of the ASCE Industry Leaders Council, National Academy of Construction and a Fellow of the Construction Management Association of America. Bob served until 2006 as one of three U.S. presidential appointees to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Advisory Council (ABAC), working with U.S. and Asia-Pacific business leaders to shape the framework for trade and economic growth and had previously served as both as Chairman of the Engineering and Construction Governors of the World Economic Forum and co-chair of the infrastructure task force formed after September 11th by the New York City Chamber of Commerce. Previously, he served as Chairman at Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB), one of the world’s leading engineering companies. Bob can be contacted at [email protected] .