The Business of Portfolio Management


Book Title: The Business of Portfolio Management: Boosting Organizational Value Through Portfolio Management
Author:  Iain Fraser, PMP, PMI Fellow
Publisher:  Project Management Institute, Inc.
List Price:   $44.95
Format:  Hardcover, 166 pages
Publication Date:   2017    
ISBN:  9781628253726
Reviewer: Marta Santos, PhD
Review Date:   January 2018



Writing a book review is no easy endeavor when a reviewer wants to honor the book’s content, the author’s experience, and the value of shared knowledge. Reviewing The Business of Portfolio Management by Iain Fraser was no exception. I will therefore be as succinct as possible, as an attempt to drive the reader to pursue an in depth learning experience from the manuscript.

Overview of Book’s Structure

While introducing the main theme of the book, the author revisits classic aspects of business organization and takes a closer look into talent management, risk, maturity and the Ps to success. It is all presented with a new flare, and thus worth reading.

In agreement with the theme of ‘change’, that seems to be gaining momentum in the present time, the books emphasizes the need for change by pointing out key areas, types, and the drivers of change. Also, that is accompanied by clear guidelines on how to deliver transformation that comes with impact and profits.


In his book, Iain Fraser guide’s you through an approach towards efficient portfolio management by using a value management framework. Trying to explain it here might not do justice to the original writings and therefore, it would be wise to the reader to set aside some time to learn directly from the source.

Fraser’s approach has been applied to real business which most of us are very familiar with and thus his framework wasn’t designed for philosophical debate, exclusively. Rather, it is was built for realizing results that can drive organizations ahead. Portfolio management is not about structure. As mentioned by the author, it is “a way of doing business”. Whether it be an action or milestone, it needs to be considered from the portfolio perspective and with the value management framework in mind. That is key to success.

Highlights: What I liked!

I currently support the Portfolio Management Metrics and Reporting efforts of a global organization. Given the focus on portfolio and a section dedicated exclusively to portfolio metrics and reporting, I find Fraser’s book as if written for me! It is the ultimate guide to reporting what distinct audiences need most, in a format suitable to them…


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About the Reviewer

Marta Santos, PhD,

Texas, USA


Marta Santos
currently serves on a global Cybersecurity Transformation Program as a Project Coordinator – IT Security. She previously served on a global IT Infrastructure Refresh Project after transitioning from a productive career in the Life Sciences as a Research Scientist and author on major scientific journals. She is looking forward to growing in and contributing to the Project Management profession. This is her second book review for the PM World Journal.

Naturalized American from Brazil, Marta currently lives in the Dallas area.

Email address: www.linkedin.com/in/martabsantos 


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