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Book Title:    The Business of Portfolio Management: Boosting Organizational Value through Portfolio Management
Author:  Iain Fraser
Publisher:  Project Management Institute, Inc.
List Price:   $44.95
Format:  Hard cover          , 166 pages
Publication Date:   2017
ISBN: 978-1-62825-372-6
Reviewer:  Leigh MacPherson
Review Date:   May 2018



The Business of Portfolio Management by Iain Fraser discusses how to boost Organizational Value through Portfolio Management.  This book discusses the need to do more than just strategic planning when managing a Portfolio.   The book goes into detail on what good Portfolio Management entails.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Section 1 – “Organizational Woes and Wishes”

1-1 “Staying in Business Versus Getting Ahead”
1-2 “Driving Value and Becoming Aligned”
1-3 “Organizational Maturity”
1-4 “Organizational Structure and Design”
1-5 “Organizational P3M Governance”
1-6 “Organizational Maturity Models”
1-7 “The 3 Ps to Success”
1-8 “The Modern Lean Organization”
1-9 “Talent Management”
1-10 “Organizational Risk”

Section 2 – “Portfolio Management:  A Way of Doing Business”

2-1 “The Rise of Portfolio Management”
2-2 “High-Level View of Portfolio Management”
2-3 “Portfolio and Portfolio Management Explained”
2-4 “Organizational Context of Portfolio Management”
2-5 “Comparison of Portfolios, Programs of Work, and Projects”
2-6 “Interactions and Benefits of Portfolio Management”
2-7 “Introduction to Benefits Management”
2-8 “Portfolio Management Success Factors”
2-9 “Portfolio Management Process Overview”
2-10 “Portfolio Management Process Groups”
2-11 “Portfolio Management Tools and Techniques”
2-12 “Portfolio Management Metrics and Reporting”

Section 3 – “Using Program and Project Management to Deliver Change and Realize Benefits”

3-1 “Program Management Explained”
3-2 “A Program Life Cycle”
3-3 “Differences Between Program and Project Life Cycles”
3-4 “Program Management Performance Domains”
3-5 “Program of Work Breakdown”
3-6 “Capturing Value (Benefits Realization)”
3-7 “Program Management Process Groups”
3-8 “Program Management Tools and Techniques”
3-9 “Program Management Metrics and Reporting”
3-10 “Project Management Commentary”

Section 4 – “Supporting Functions:  Time for Change!”

4-1 “Leadership in Organizations”
4-2 “Leadership Role Focus”
4-3 “Influencing for Change”
4-4 “Portfolio Management Office”
4-5 “Portfolio Manager’s Responsibility and Expertise”
4-6 “Program Manager’s Responsibility and Expertise”
4-7 “Qualifications and Credentials Options”
4-8 “Ongoing Improvement”
4-9 “On Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources and Legal”


Iain Fraser has found a way to manage portfolios using Value Management.  While strategic planning is still a primary component it is only one of five components necessary when managing using Value Management.  The five components of Value Management are:  Value Strategy, Value Planning, Value Engineering, Value Delivery, and Value Capture.  Using Value Management, along with other strategic approaches, helps to ensure the maximum value is achieved whether the investment be an operational or capital expenditure.

The book also discusses tools and techniques for Portfolio Management.  For example, an investment complexity tool is provided for assessing the complexity of an investment.  In addition, a prioritization and selection tool is provided to help gather useful information when analyzing both operational (opex) and capital (capex) investments.


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Leigh MacPherson has been a Proposal and Program Manager in defense and electronics industries for many years with experience on both Electro-Optic and Radar programs.  In addition, Leigh has prior experience as Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) Earned Value surveillance team member (evaluating and training programs in both the US and UK).  Leigh graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Ag Economics and later studied accounting.  In addition, Leigh also studied at Austin Community College and received a degree in Computer Information Technology, graduating with honors (Phi Theta Kappa).

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