Business Leadership for IT Projects


pmwj17-dec2013-morris-IMAGE1 BOOKBook Title:  Business Leadership for IT Projects
Author:  Gary Lloyd
Publisher:  Gower
List Price:  £44.55
Format:  Hard Cover, 172 pages
Publication Date:   2013
ISBN: 9781409456902
Reviewer:      Diane Johnson Morris
Review Date:               November 2013

Introduction to the Book

Business Leadership for IT Projects is a great overview for business leaders who are embarking on IT projects.  The book provides a very practical approach for evaluating and providing successful business leadership for IT projects.  The author, Gary Lloyd, guides business leaders from deciding to kick off an IT project to managing the delivery of the project. The book provides some examples and tools to walk through decisions, to lead and build the end vision, and to measure value along the way.

The author’s two biggest focal points are leadership and value. The book is organized with various examples and research findings to back his recommendations.  In addition, the appendices provide tools for conducting workshops that can help the reader employ the techniques reviewed.  Plus, Gary Lloyd provides great examples to address using these practices for projects that are at various stages of progress.  This aspect of the book provides real-world application of the bag of tools he suggests.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Business Leadership for IT Projects is organized into three sections; (1) Introduction, (2) Chapters walking the reader through the recommendations for leadership, and (3) Appendices.    The book is written to be used as a tool or reference guide for trying techniques throughout the life of a project.  Gary Lloyd organizes the book’s chapters in useful topics that can be referenced for different types of projects.  In addition to the chapters and appendices, there is a complete list of references for each chapter.  This listing can be helpful if wanting to further research a topic or validate a position.

The chapters include topics from deciding to do a project to a recap on leadership.  The author consistently urges the reader to ensure to look at true value of the project before deciding to begin, or even continue a project that may be assumed.  Other chapters discuss the importance of ensuring strong leadership, a shared vision for the outcome, value-based delivery, evaluation of options, definition of the business case, and project delivery.

The book concludes with the importance of creating a team of leaders.  When the value is known and the vision is shared, team members can help ensure that the project moves forward.   Gary Lloyd again urges the reader to “just try it”, when he introduces ideas of empowering a team of leaders.  In this way, the project leadership expands and communication improves.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book

Business Leadership for IT Projects focuses on the business leader’s role in ensuring success of a project.  Although the importance of leadership has been a well-known factor for success, the book focuses on explaining IT projects to business leaders in a way that makes sense to them.  IT project managers work on IT projects every day.  Business leaders usually work on IT projects infrequently.  So the overview and explanation of the business leader’s role from their perspective is extremely helpful.   


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About the Reviewer

flag-usapmwj17-dec2013-morris-IMAGE2 REVIEWERDiane Johnson Morris, PMP, MBA 

North Texas, USA 

Diane Johnson Morris is an Industrial Engineer and certified PMP.  She has over 25 years of experience in the Defense and Retail Industries.  She has worked in the Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Information Technology areas as an Engineer, Process Leader, Strategy Manager, and Program/Project Manager.  Diane Morris can be contacted at [email protected] 

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